Majin Buu Statue, Anime & Dragon Ball Statues, Kid Buu Dragon Ball Z Statue

Majin Buu Statue, Anime & Dragon Ball Statues, Kid Buu Dragon Ball Z Statue

Dragon Ball Z Majin Buu “Kid Buu” Statue

Majin Buu Statue, the next edition to was brought to life by the evil villain Bibidi. You probably guessed it; the next statue to join the high-quality statue line is none other than Majin Buu in his original form, Kid Buu! Kid Buu appears in Dragon Ball Z in his purest and arguably most dangerous state surrounded by energetic effects pieces created using clear parts for an additionally powerful appearance. The Majin symbol on Buu’s belt is also meticulously detailed and finished off with gold metallic paint. Set also includes a unique display stand. Majin BuuDemon Person Boo” has many forms, including the original form, Kid Buu. However, each form has a different personality and goals, essentially making them separate individuals.

All of Majin Buu’s forms are simply referred to as “Majin Buu” in the series, but the various forms get their common names from various Dragon Ball Z videogames. Kid BuuDemon Person Boo (Pure)” is the original, pure form of Majin Buu. Unlike his other forms, this form of Buu’s thought process is seen to be irrational and spontaneous, even destroying his own body to destroy the Earth. Although he appears smaller than any other form, he is more dangerous than any other forms of Buu due to his full relentless evil and unpredictability. He is also completely free of restraint and has no trace of sanity and, because of this, is extremely volatile. He retains his childish personality, becoming amused and laughing hysterically at his own destruction of entire worlds. Majin Buu Kid Buu Dragon Ball Z Statue size: 3 inches / 7.5 cm x 3 inches / 7.5 cm x 6 inches / 15 cm.

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