Bulldog Statue, Animals & Dogs Statues, Colorful French Bulldog Statue

Bulldog Statue, Animals & Dogs Statues, Colorful French Bulldog Statue

Colorful French Bulldog Statue

The Bulldog Statue is painted with delicate non-fading and water-proof paint in surface by hand. It’s durable and weatherproof, made of high quality environmentally friendly resin and then hand polished. The decoration of this Colorful French Bulldog Statue is inspired by the unyielding spirit and will of the bulldog. It is matched with bright and colorful bulldog ornaments, which not only symbolizes the lively and unyielding character of the bulldog, but also symbolizes the friendship between humans and dogs. Emotions. This bulldog ornament is like a true loyal bulldog in your life, always with you. The Colorful French Bulldog Statue measures: 12.4 inches / 31.5 cm x 5.31 inches / 13.5 cm x 11. inches / 28 cm.

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