Hippopotamus Storage Box Statue, Animals & Hippos Statues, Hippo Sundries Container Statue

Hippopotamus Storage Box Statue, Animals & Hippos Statues, Hippo Sundries Container Statue

Hippopotamus Storage Box Statue

Hippopotamus Storage Box Statue, it can be used as a storage box in the porch of the office or bedroom. At the same time, it is quite ornamental. This Hippo Sundries Container Statue is painted by hand. All high-grade paints used are non-toxic and harmless to ensure your health. Resin material, the surface is smooth and delicate, well-made, beautifully decorated, safety and sturdy. Whether you are a collector of animals statues, or simply want one or two small hippopotamus statues to give as a gift to someone special, this Hippopotamus Storage Box Statue will be a good choice. Hippo’s huge mouths consist of lips that are 2 feet wide and teeth that can bite a 10 foot crocodile in half.

Hippos can open their mouths to a massive 150 degrees or 4 feet wide which show their large tusk-like canines and razor-sharp incisors, capable of biting a small boat in half. Believe it or not, these large, docile looking animals are actually very aggressive. Despite their size, hippos can out-run a human and can reach speeds of 30 miles per hour. Hippos have developed some well known rituals to show aggression, the large “yawn” does not mean hippo is tired, it is one of their most aggressive forms and shows confrontation in the water. Basically, being unpredictable, anything that gets in their way will be bitten or trampled. Hippo Sundries Container Statue sizes: 11.8 inches / 30 cm x 6.7 inches / 17 cm x 8.7 inches / 22 cm.

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