Roronoa Zoro Funko POP, Funko POPS & One Piece Funko POPS, Roronoa Zoro the One Piece’s Pirate Hunter

Roronoa Zoro Funko POP, Funko POPS & One Piece Funko POPS, Roronoa Zoro the One Piece's Pirate Hunter

Roronoa Zoro “Pirate Hunter” Funko POP

From One Piece, Roronoa Zoro, as a stylized vinyl Funko POP! Roronoa Zoro, also known as “Pirate HunterZoro, is the combatant of the Straw Hat Pirates, and one of their two swordsmen. Formerly a bounty hunter, he is the second member of the crew and the first to join, doing so in the Romance Dawn Arc. As a master of Santoryu, a swordsmanship style which he created during his childhood training in Shimotsuki Village, Zoro is among the four most powerful combatants of the Straw Hats, alongside Luffy, Sanji and Jinbe. His dream is to become the greatest swordsman in the world, in order to honor a promise he made to his deceased childhood friend Kuina. In addition to his infamy as one of the Straw Hats and as a former bounty hunter, Zoro is also regarded as one of twelve pirates who are referred to as the “Worst Generation“. Zoro is uniquely known as an expert of Santoryu (Three Sword Style), where he wields a third sword with his mouth in combat.

Throughout the series, his primary sword is Wado Ichimonji, one of the World’s 21 great swords that he inherited from a childhood friend Kuina, and is frequently the sword that he wields in his mouth. He also has a habit of frequently going in wrong locations which is a running gag throughout the whole series. Zoro is a muscular man of average height with lightly tanned skin. He always carries his three swords along with him, bundled up with a green haramaki over his right hip, allowing him to easily draw them with his left hand. Of the three swords he has on his person, he has always been seen carrying the Wado Ichimonji, while his other two swords have varied over time due to them being destroyed and subsequently replaced with progressively better ones. Although his right hand is usually seen resting over them, he can also use this hand to pull his swords out before sitting down. Zoro has three identical gold earrings on his left earlobe.

Roronoa Zoro normally keeps a black bandana tied around his left bicep and ties it around his head when he is fighting seriously against an opponent. Zoro’s body is covered with scars from his many battles, most notably the massive scar stretching from his left shoulder to his right hip that he acquired during his loss against the world’s greatest swordsman, Dracule Mihawk, at Baratie. His other visible scars are the scars he inflicted upon his ankles in a desperate attempt to free himself from Mr. 3’s Giant Candle Service Set by trying to cut his feet off at Little Garden. After the timeskip, he gained another scar over his left eye, obtained through unknown means. Zoro‘s other remarkable feature is his cropped green hair, which Sanji often teases him about by calling him moss-ball or moss-head due to its resemblance to one moss-ball precisely. He currently has a bounty of Berry (One Piece’s Coin) 320,000,000.

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