Spartan Warrior Statue, Greeks & Military Statues, Spartan Warrior with Sword and Hoplite Shield Statue

Spartan Warrior Statue, Greeks & Military Statues, Spartan Warrior with Sword and Hoplite Shield Statue

Spartan Warrior with Sword and Hoplite Shield Statue

This Spartan Warrior Statue depicts precisely a Spartan warrior in full armor, sword in one hand and shield in the other, ready for battle. The Spartans were one of the most feared military forces in world history, and it was commonly accepted that one Spartan was worth several men of any other state. Made of cold cast resin, and the bottom of the base is lined with felt to prevent it from scratching delicate surfaces. The silvered finish and gold accents emphasize the detail of the piece, from the texture of the warrior’s armor to his fierce facial expression. It makes a great gift for Greek history buffs. Spartan Warriors known for their professionalism were the best and most feared soldiers of Greece in the 5th century B.C. Their formidable military strength and commitment to guard their land helped Sparta dominate Greece in the 5th century. What historic consequences did this warrior culture have on Sparta and Greece? What made the Spartans so effective in comparison to their counterparts?

Plutarch in his Life of Lycurgus memorably states that the Spartansbelonged entirely to their country and not to themselves“. And evidence supports his claim that unlike the Athenians, the Spartan warriors received rigorous training. However, it would be noteworthy that Spartan history was written by non-Spartan philosophers and historians, which means that we know Sparta only from an outsider’s perspective. Every male citizen in Sparta was required to serve in the military and that dictated the rhythm of everyday life for an average citizen. They considered service in the military as a privilege rather than duty. It was part of their political identity equivalent to their attendance in the Assembly. Interestingly, other than Spartans, none of the Greeks from other city-states were professional soldiers. Spartan Warrior with Sword and Hoplite Shield Statue sizes: 7 inches / 18 cm x 6.5 inches / 16.5 cm x 13 inches / 33 cm.

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