Buddha Meditation Statue, Religious & Buddhism Statues, Colorful Spiritual Buddha Meditation Statue

Buddha Meditation Statue, Religious & Buddhism Statues, Colorful Spiritual Buddha Meditation Statue

Colorful Spiritual Buddha Meditation Statue

This Buddha Meditation Statue is a peaceful sitting art of the meditative Buddha that brings in your home tranquil serenity. From capturing the feeling of mindfulness to looking great indoor as well as outdoor, this Buddha can be placed anywhere. The Buddha Statue lends its quiet countenance and will bring a warm, contemplative atmosphere to your places. Handcrafted in the land of Himalayas, Nepal, this Colorful Spiritual Buddha Meditation Statue takes over 2 months to create. The statue is carefully hand-carved to make even the smallest detail visually appealing and handpainted by skillful artisans to ensure the color and finishing are free from smudges, and imperfections. Made from Resin, the statue is easy to care for, corrosion-resistant, and environment friendly. The Green Tara Buddha is the reincarnation of Buddha’s mother, Tara. Therefore, this statue attracts all the positive energy, wealth, success, and growth. The green tara, especially, is associated with healing, regeneration, and growth. As the color green is a vibrant color, green tara is also believed to have the power to inspire and take action.

Buddhist meditation is the practice of meditation in Buddhism. The closest words for meditation in the classical languages of Buddhism are bhavana “mental development” and jhana/dhyana “mental training resulting in a calm and luminous mind”. Buddhists pursue meditation as part of the path toward liberation from defilements (kleshas) and clinging and craving (upadana), also called awakening, which results in the attainment of Nirvana, and includes a variety of meditation techniques, most notably asubha bhavana “reflections on repulsiveness”, reflection on pratityasamutpada (dependent origination), sati (mindfulness) and anussati (recollections), including anapanasati (breath meditation), dhyana (developing an alert and luminous mind) and the Brahma-viharas (loving-kindness and compassion). These techniques aim to develop equanimity and sati (mindfulness), samadhi (concentration), samatha (tranquility) and vipassana (insight), and are also said to lead to abhijña (supramundane powers).

These meditation techniques are preceded by and combined with practices which aid this development, such as moral restraint and right effort to develop wholesome states of mind. While these techniques are used across Buddhist schools, there is also significant diversity. In the Theravada tradition, reflecting developments in early Buddhism, meditation techniques are classified as either samatha (calming the mind) and vipassana (gaining insight). Chinese and Japanese Buddhism preserved a wide range of meditation techniques, which go back to early Buddhism, most notably Sarvastivada. In Tibetan Buddhism, deity yoga includes visualisations, which precede the realization of sunyata “emptiness“. Colorful Spiritual Buddha Meditation Statue measures: 6 inches / 15 cm x 4 inches / 10 cm x 3 inches / 7.5 cm.

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