Levitating Doctor Strange Statue, Movies & Marvel Universe Statues, Doctor Strange with Cloak of Levitation and Eye of Agamotto Statue

Levitating Doctor Strange Statue, Movies & Marvel Universe Statues, Doctor Strange with Cloak of Levitation and Eye of Agamotto Statue

Levitating Doctor Strange Statue

Levitating Doctor Strange Statue, the Marvel Universe sorcerer supreme. Depicting the sorcerer hovering in mid-air over a giant eye of agamotto and casting a complex spell, this comic book-inspired statue features a detailed sculpt and collectible-quality paint applications. Doctor Stephen Strange, Doctor Strange, was the Sorcerer Supreme for Earth-616 (Earth). Strange was once a brilliant but arrogant neurosurgeon, until a car accident crippled his hands. When modern medicine failed him, he embarked on a journey to Kamar-Taj in Tibet, where he was trained by the Ancient One. He healed his hands and learned more about Magic, eventually becoming a Master of the Mystic Arts. He settled in the Sanctum Sanctorum in Greenwich Village, New York City, becoming the Earth’s protector from any mystical threats. Strange’s own power is often amplified by the numerous magical artifacts that are in his possession or by artifacts that he uses in the course of his adventures. The three artifacts he carries with him at all times are the Eye of Agamotto, the Cloak of Levitation, and the Yellow Sash tied around his waist.

At one point, due to his evoking Zom’s dark power, he deemed himself no longer worthy of the office of Sorcerer Supreme and passed the responsibility of choosing the next one to the spirit of the Ancient One, Strange loses at least his principal magical items and old costume to Brother Voodoo, the new Sorcerer Supreme of the Earth dimension and prime reality, but after recovering his office they have been recovered. The Eye of Agamotto (which resides within the Amulet of Agamotto worn at Dr. Strange’s throat) is a powerful and valued artifact that has many functions. Using the Eye, Strange can see through any lie, deception, or illusion, send the eye out at light speed to intercept and absorb massive amounts of any type of energy and free others who are trapped in their own illusions. It is often used to amplify his mind’s eye, giving psychic abilities that rival the most powerful of telepaths.

It is also often used to play back an area’s past events, lift beings weighing thousands of pounds into the air telekinetically, and open dimensional portals, as well as placing beings in suspended animation. The Eye can track beings by their psychic or magical emissions. The light given off by the Eye also weakens a variety of evil mystical beings, such as demons, devils, undead beings, dark extra dimensional entities, and even sufficiently corrupt human practitioners of dark magic. When used offensively, no being can withstand its light for long, due to its lethal effect, it is often used as a weapon of last resort. The Eye appears to be dimensionally linked to the Orb of Agamotto, and is presented to the current Sorcerer or Sorceress Supreme to aid them in their great duties. The amulet can only be used by a being with a pure heart and a clean soul.

The Cloak of Levitation allows him to fly (at roughly 25 miles per hour for indeterminate lengths of time), and responds to his thoughts. Strange has used it many times as a “third set of hands” to attack a foe when his own body has been incapacitated. The Cloak is nearly indestructible, often escaping damage during even the most violent confrontations. The cloak has acted independently from Strange as though it has a will of its own, as well as being quasi-sentient to some degree. The Sash of Doctor Strange, worn around Strange’s waist, this enchanted yellow sash can be extended ten times its normal length. Doctor Strange with Cloak of Levitation and Eye of Agamotto Statue measures: 6 inches / 15 cm x 4 inches / 10 cm x 9 inches / 23 cm.

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