Fairy Aneira Statue, Animals, Wolves, Fairies & Symbolic Statues, Fairy Aneira with White Wolf Statue

Fairy Aneira Statue, Animals, Wolves, Fairies & Symbolic Statues, Fairy Aneira with White Wolf Statue

Fairy Aneira with White Wolf Statue

This Fairy Aneira Statue rappresent a beautiful fairy riding her loyal companion white wolf. Sculpted in high quality resin and hand painted with attention to detail. This gorgeous Fairy Aneira with White Wolf is depicted as one of the fairy tale movie scenes. The fairy riding on her guardian (wolf) through the white snow in a quite enchanted forest. It would be a perfect present for someone who love animal and fantasy art. The statue features a matching outfit and ornaments of the fairy and her guardian to boost their companionship. Wolf symbolism, thanks to pop culture, conjures up images of Lycans, shape-shifters, and feral dogs howling at the moon. In reality, a wolf represents many different and interesting things that range from good to evil to even romantic and sacred. Wolf symbolism is ambiguous, ranging from negative associations with darkness, aggression, and chthonic powers to positive wolf characteristics like curiosity, intelligence, playfulness, fierce protectiveness of their young, pack allegiance, formidable hunting skills, and clearly defined social structure.

Wolves have also fascinated men since the early days because they look so similar to dogs, man’s best friend. They are closely linked to light, sun, moon, and spirit. Wolves also guide the dead and are closely linked to Hades, the God of the Underworld. The Wolf spirit animal teaches you many things. Wolf medicine brings with it a capacity for making quick and firm emotional attachments. Learning to trust your instincts and secure your emotional attachments are lessons that the wolf spirit animal is trying to teach you. The wolf has turned up to help you listen to your Inner Guidance. It will guard you as it teaches you, so trust it. A wolf is very strong and has a great deal of stamina. It can travel great distances. Their senses of smell and hearing, as well as vision, are highly developed.

A Wolf can gorge down everything that it hunts and that is an indication that you need to utilize all that is available at your disposal, trying not to waste anything. It is also a reminder for you that the cold winter will pass and to keep your spirit up. Wolves use their senses of smell and hearing to hunt. This is a reminder for all to listen to their inner thoughts and words. Wolf’s message for you: “One Look in My Eyes“, and you can see the truth of who I am. You are intelligent, full of stamina, and trust your instincts, as a result, it is rare that you can be fooled or taken for granted by anyone. You are an expressive person, verbally and non-verbally. You feel energized during the full moon and must use its power. Meditate on the traits of a wolf on full moon night. Ask the wolf spirit to guide you and teach you. Wolf has magical energy. If you truly believe in the Spirit of the Wolf, he will come to you. Fairy Aneira with White Wolf Statue measures: 4 inches / 10 cm x 8 inches / 20 cm x 8 inches / 30 cm.

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