Rainbow Pyramid of 7 Chakra Statue, Symbolic Statues, Orgone Meditation Pyramid Statue

Rainbow Pyramid of 7 Chakra Statue, Symbolic Statues, Orgone Meditation Pyramid Statue

Rainbow Pyramid of 7 Chakra Statue

This Rainbow Pyramid of 7 Chakra Statue is a combination of crystals and copper in clear cast resin, and it is based on Wilhelm Reich’s scientific research, culminating in the existence of what he termed Orgone Energy. Orgonite pyramids have the powerful ability to bring us into healing, harmony and balance. The sacred geometry can help you to connect deeply into the Universe. These beautiful geometric patterns have powerful energy, which can keep you positive, and balance your body and mind. Sacred Geometric Patterns exist all around us, they are the perfect shapes and patterns that form the fundamental templates for life in the Universe. In this pyramid statue 3 symbols are presented. Flower of life: The symbol of the Beginning, of what is life and what is everything. It is a physical representation of the connection with all living things in the Universe. Metatron Cube: represents the Will, the manifestation of the Divinity or its will within the issues that belong to our world, also represents the balance of energy with the Universe. Sri Yantra: represents the creation and equilibrium of the Universe. The symbol of the great divine mother principle, the source of all energy, power and creativity. Orgone is a term coined by the psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957) to define an hypothetical form of energy that he described in some experiments published in the late 1930s.

He stated that orgone energy permeated all space (like “the Force” in Star Wars), was blue in color and that certain forms of disease were the result of depletion or blockage of energy within the body. The Orgone theory is considered unreliable by the whole scientific community as it is incompatible with current scientific knowledge and without experimental confirmations and is also considered an example of pseudoscience. The alleged discovery of Reich came after his studies in the psychiatric and sexual fields, trying to find an explanation for the origin of mental illness, he initially believed that they were due to physical factors, later he became convinced that there was a duality of matter/energy, of an unknown nature up to that moment, which he believed to be the basis of life, and that mental illnesses were an “energetictype of pathology. He baptized this form of energy orgone, as he later hypothesized a functional correlation between the flow of energy in the human body and orgasm (hence the term “orgone“). Concepts similar (but not identical) to the energy of the orgone are the Aura, the vital momentum, the Kundalini, the Prana, the Ki energy, the meaning of the subtle body, the etheric body, the odic force, radionics and animal magnetism. Numerous adherents of the New Age movement argue that such energies can be harnessed and used for healing and other beneficial effects. Orgone Meditation Pyramid Statue sizes: 4.3 inches / 11 cm x 4.3 inches / 11 cm x 4.3 inches / 11 cm.

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