Goddess Athena Bust Statue, Greeks, Busts & Mythological Statues, Athena Greek Goddess of Wisdom Bust Statue

Goddess Athena Bust Statue, Greeks, Busts & Mythological Statues, Athena Greek Goddess of Wisdom Bust Statue

Athena “Goddess of Wisdom” Bust Statue

This Goddess Athena Bust Statue is an high-quality craftsmanship with made with designer resin, a wonderful gift for mythology fans. Athena, or Pallas Athena, is the Greek goddess of wisdom, arts and war. She warrior goddess and virgin, one of her most respected, has various functions: she defends and advises heroes, educates industrious women, guides the judges of the courts, inspires craftsmen, protects children. But when she is angry, this goddess can become merciless. In the war between Achaeans and Trojans she was the protector of the Greeks. She, eponymous goddess of the city of Athens, she was dedicated to the temple called Parthenonof the virgin” on the Acropolis of the city, whose gigantic statue of chryselephantine cult was the work of Phidias, furthermore, a bronze statue had been erected in front of the Propylaea, whose glows were visible from the ships arriving at Piraeus. Panathenaea festivals were held every year in her honor. As the patron goddess of the acropolis, she had shrines scattered throughout Greece and the Hellenistic world (remains of Athena’s temples have been discovered in the acropolis of Lindos, Pergamum, Rome, Paestum and various minor sanctuaries). Peculiarity of the cult of Athens was the statuette of her, originally made of wood then became metal, Palladio, to whom magical powers were attributed, since the statue was considered a symbol of the impregnability of the city.

Precisely for this reason, during the Trojan War, Ulysses and Diomedes undertake the task of entering the Trojan acropolis at night to steal the palladium. The statue in Athens every year received during the Panathenaic festivals a new dress embroidered by the Athenian girls. Callimachus in his hymn “For the washing of Pallas” tells of an Argive ceremony, which consisted in bringing Palladium every year to the river Inaco to wash and rearrange it. The goddess is always represented dressed in a peplum and often armed, surrounded by her sacred symbols: the owl Athene noctua, the helmet, the spear, the shield and the Aegis, that is an indestructible cloak made with the skin of the Amalthea goat, which he had protected and nurtured Zeus, stolen from Cronus by his mother Rhea. Her sacred tree was her olive tree, created by her as a gift to the Athenians, to become their patron deity. Athena for her prophetic and medical abilities was also worshiped in the sanctuaries of Delphi and Epidaurus. In the Parallel Lives of Plutarch (Pericles and Fabius Maximus), Athena appears to Pericles in a dream ordering treatment for a sick citizen of Athens. After this episode a bronze statue was erected in honor of the gods Hermes and Athena. Minerva, goddess of the Roman religion, was associated by the Romans with Athena. Athena Greek Goddess of Wisdom Bust Statue sizes: 7.5 inches / 19 cm x 2.5 inches / 6.5 cm x 2.5 inches / 6.5 cm.

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