Pirate Telescope Maritime Statue, Pirates Statues, Wooden Box Pirate Monocle Statue

Pirate Telescope Maritime Statue, Pirates Statues, Wooden Box Pirate Monocle Statue

Wooden Box Pirate Telescope Maritime Statue

This Pirate Telescope Maritime Statue can adjust according to distance, comes in a wooden storage box. It is made out of solid brass and comes out finish into shiny brass/gold finish which is make it classy and vintage. Antique style pirate spyglass. Fully functioning telescope, keep it safe in its own box. Great addition to your maritime or pirate collection. The telescope will magnify far away objects and landscapes with a clear image. The scope extends to a full 14 inches / 35.5 cm, and can retract to fit into its own ornate box. The telescope is modeled after older style scopes, it can be focused by fully extending the entire body of the telescope, then slowly contracting and expanding the eyepiece portion only. A Monocle is a modified refracting telescope used to magnify the images of distant objects by passing light through a series of lenses and usually also prisms. Most modern monoculars use prisms instead of relay lenses to ensure an erect image, resulting in a lightweight, compact telescope. The typical volume and weight of a monocular are less than half of a pair of binoculars having similar optical properties, making a monocular easier to carry and also proportionally less expensive. This is due to the fact that binoculars are essentially two sets of monoculars packed together, one for each eye.

Monoculars only produce one 2-dimensional image, while Binoculars produce two parallaxed images (binocular vision) to allow stereopsis and depth perception. Monoculars are ideally suited to those with vision in only one eye, or where compactness and low weight are important (hiking). Monoculars are also sometimes preferred where difficulties occur using both eyes through binoculars because of significant eye variation or poor vision in one eye. A monocular with a straight optical path is relatively long, prisms are normally used to fold the optical path to make an instrument which is much shorter (see the entry on binoculars for details). Visually impaired people may use monoculars to see objects at distances at which people with normal vision do not have difficulty, for example, to read text on a chalkboard or projection screen. Applications for viewing more distant objects include natural history, hunting, marine and military. Compact monoculars are also used in art galleries and museums to obtain a closer view of exhibits. When high magnification, a bright image, and good resolution of distant images are required, a relatively larger instrument is preferred (a telescope), often mounted on a tripod. A smaller pocket-sized “pocket scope” (a typical monocular) can be used for less stringent applications. Wooden Box Pirate Monocle Statue measures: 9.8 inches / 25 cm x 4.5 inches / 11.5 cm x 3 inches / 7.5 cm. + Elongated tube: 14 inches / 35.5 cm.

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