LEGO Education – Volcano Alarm

LEGO Education - Volcano Alarm

LEGO Education – Volcano Alarm

Examine the different ways scientists monitor volcanic activity.

  • Preparation;
  • Exploration phase;
  • Creation and testing phase;
  • Sharing phase.

Scientists around the world monitor the activity of various volcanoes. In some cases, they do this in order to make sure that the people living near these volcanoes are always safe. In other cases, they do so in order to prepare important scientific expeditions to study the composition of the Earth. The 3 different phases of the volcanoes are: Extinct, Inactive and Active. For each of these phases, the scientists assigned a color and defined lessons to be taken at each phase: Green: The volcano shows no sign of activity. Yellow: The volcano is showing some signs of activity and needs to be monitored. Orange: the volcano is active with some minor emissions. Red: the volcano is active with significant emissions or is close to eruption.

LEGO Education – Volcano Alarm, LEGO Link Lesson.

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