LEGO Walls – Dante Dentoni’s LEGO Walls – LEGO Art

LEGO Walls - Dante Dentoni's LEGO Walls - LEGO Art

LEGO Walls – Dante Dentoni’s LEGO Walls – LEGO Art

There are few universal truths. One of them is that everyone loves LEGO constructions. There is something about the colored bricks that makes adults become children again. It rekindles the imagination and knows no language barriers. A video of intricate LEGO installations in a Miami club owner’s home went viral. The work features a stripper dancing on a pole, a series of bathroom booths and a unique version of the cover of a N.W.A.

Dante Dentoni‘s pop-art works also draw inspiration from cultural artifacts from the past. His Instagram bio of him offers a little insight into his work, “I create art in difficult places“, he says, which is exactly what he does. The pieces are often housed in broken walls and fill in cracks as if the house itself is decaying and revealing its foundation of colorful LEGO bricks. Seeing his installations emerge from the walls is like being brought back to our childhood by a time machine.

The small narrative plots are like a vision of past, future and parallel lives to ours. LEGO minifigures seem to exist in their ideal world with their own dynamics, following their daily lives behind the facades we have built. We imagine rats, mice and spiders, but when we see them in the form of LEGO minifigures, our existence seems to become much safer. Our childhood moves with us. Something that resonates in all of his creations of him is the positivity that Dante expresses in what he does.

It is fun, uplifting and transformative, both for the artist and for us viewers. Dentoni clearly loves what he does and this echoes in his installations himself which at the same time draw a substantial part of our fascination to them. By making themselves observed, they offer us a strange and incredible sensation of beauty and elegance. A former carpenter applied his skills to his new medium of expression (LEGO), giving him the upper hand in perspectives and thus enabling him to beautify homes with his work.

Being a bit classically trained in working with his own hands, he employs the discipline of a construction worker and an incredible attention to the details of his artistic tendencies. To allow his ideas to manifest themselves, he must have an understanding of the structural nuances of the buildings he works on. It is a relatively complex process that requires exact measurements and the ability to work within the physical boundaries set by each specific wall.

Dante has thus allowed his whole life to sharpen up to a certain point, the point is exactly that (2019). His childhood in Argentina drastically shaped what he did later in life. That LEGO excitement clearly never went away. It’s something so profound in his life that he took it upon himself to share it with others. As his pieces become more and more ambitious, he pushes himself and his clients to try more new things.

Part of the power of his works lies in the fact that the pieces are collaborative with each other and also that, as anyone who has ever played with LEGO will know, there is no limit to what we can do, as long as there are enough bricks to do it. New challenges arise from new opportunities. The artist has a constantly evolving and so unique style, giving us excellent clues as to where he is going: we are invited together on his journey. For now, I can’t wait to see what will come after Dante Dentoni.

There is something extravagant about these bricks, their colors and the way they can make almost anything happen!


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