Godzilla Atomic Breath Funko POP, Funko POPS & Godzilla Funko POPS, Godzilla Fire Breathing

Godzilla Atomic Breath Funko POP, Funko POPS & Godzilla Funko POPS, Godzilla Fire Breathing

Godzilla Atomic Fire Breathing Funko POP

From Godzilla Vs Kong, Godzilla Fire Breathing, as a stylized vinyl from Funko POP! Godzilla is a living nuclear reactor. His body creates extreme heat from the reactions, and his Atomic Breath, as it is called, is the byproduct of the nuclear process that takes place inside his body. If one isn’t familiar with Godzilla, they would think that he has a generic fire breath that for some reason is blue. However, in the movies, Godzilla’s “Fire Breathis actually a much more powerful blaze of Atomic Breath which he gained because of the atomic bomb that mutated him (or that he had naturally in Legendary Pictures’ Godzilla). Godzilla’s atomic breath, sometimes called a heat ray or heat beam, is much more powerful than fire and is typically blue in color, and is usually regarded as stronger when red or orange. Some versions of Godzilla such as the Marvel Godzilla and the Hanna-Barbera Godzilla however, do depict him as having a normal fire breath, like a dragon would.

The Godzilla’s distinctive weapon is his Atomic Breath (Hōsha Nessen, literally, Radioactive Heat Ray). Godzilla’s dorsal fins glow blue, and he unleashes a beam of powerful radiation from his mouth. The Godzilla’s atomic breath is portrayed as a powerful focused blue laser that burns at 500,000 degrees Celsius and is capable of causing large explosions and severely wounding some monsters such as Rodan and Battra when fired at point-blank range. Despite its power, some of Godzilla’s enemies have proven resistant to Godzilla’s atomic breath, at least in its standard intensity. King Ghidorah withstood numerous direct hits from the beam with minimal visible harm until Godzilla was forced to utilize his more powerful Spiral Heat Ray. Mothra can reflect Godzilla’s atomic breath using the scales released from her wings. MechaGodzilla was built with a synthetic diamond armor that allowed it to absorb Godzilla’s atomic breath and redirect its energy through the plasma grenade port on its abdomen.

SpaceGodzilla instead was able to generate a temporary crystal shield to deflect Godzilla’s atomic breath when he fired it. A stronger variation of Godzilla’s standard atomic breath introduced in the Heisei series was the Spiral Heat Ray. This version of Godzilla’s atomic breath is typically portrayed as much more powerful than his normal atomic breath and is wrapped in an electrical spiral. The first variant of this attack, simply called the Spiral Heat Ray (Supairaru Nessen), is used by Godzilla in Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah to decapitate King Ghidorah’s middle head after his normal atomic breath was shown having little to no effect on his enemy. In this film, the spiral heat ray is still blue in color, but is surrounded by a purplish spiral of energy. Before Godzilla fires the spiral breath, his dorsal fins are surrounded in blue electricity.

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