Eric Draven Statue, Movies & The Crow Statues, Eric Draven and the Crow Statue

Eric Draven Statue, Movies & The Crow Statues, Eric Draven and the Crow Statue

Eric Draven and the Crow Statue

Eric Draven stalks his prey in this all-new Statue based on the cult-favorite movie The Crow. With the Crow on his shoulder and steam circling his feet, this sculpture is made of high-quality PVC and features detailed sculpting and paint applications. Eric was played by Brandon Lee in the first film and by Mark Dacascos in the TV series. He is based on the character Eric in the graphic novel of the same name. Eric Draven was a former heavy metal guitarist in the band Hangman’s Joke. He was engaged to Shelly Webster, with their wedding scheduled for Halloween night. On the night before the holiday, known as Devil’s Night, a gang led by T-Bird murdered both Shelley and Eric. Eric is resurrected by the crow one year later in order to exact revenge. While they are in possession of the Crow’s powers, the reborn are endowed with several unique abilities. As they are already dead, the reborn are incapable of feeling pain or fatigue and are not capable of healing. In the movies, however, they possess a supernatural ability to recover from seemingly all injuries in a matter of moments.

Chief among their physical abilities is their inhuman strength and enhanced reflexes, able to quickly brutalize several opponents simultaneously, even those who would be otherwise untouchable, as well as catch fast-moving projectiles such as throwing knives with their bare hands. In both Wicked Prayer and Stairway to Heaven, the source of the reborn’s strength is attributed to their love for the ones they’ve lost. Alternatively, Ashe Corvin says in City of Angels that the fuel for his power is pain. In either case, the Crow’s magic is rooted in lost love. Also, again in the movies, the reborn possesses the ability to see images from his or her loved one’s memory when touching things he or she touched before, or to see the memories of a person when touching them. In addition the reborn usually can send the images and feelings from the memories already absorbed to the person whose eyes the reborn touches at the moment. In The Crow, protagonist Eric Draven makes villain Top Dollar feel 30 hours of his (Eric’s) murdered girlfriend Shelly’s pain in one moment. In The Crow: Stairway to Heaven, Eric can see events that transpired simply by touching objects that belonged to someone.

Although the person brought back to life by the Crow is physically invulnerable, in the movies and later Crow comics they do have one weakness, they lose their power if the crow is harmed or killed. In addition, the reborn lose their invincibility when they consider their mission completed. In The Crow: Salvation, protagonist Alex Corvis is tricked into thinking that he completed his mission, thus he becomes vulnerable. However, his guide Crow makes Alex realize his mistake and rise again. In the comic book The Crow: Waking Nightmares, it is stated that the Crow power is taken from the reborn if they abandon their mission. In case of losing special powers the reborn become vulnerable, starts to rot, and rigor mortis sets in, as if the reborn were still in their graves. In The Crow: City of Angels and The Crow: Salvation, those resurrected by the Crow have the ability to turn into crows themselves and possess the natural abilities of a crow, such as flight and night vision. Eric Draven and the Crow Statue sizes: 5 inches / 13 cm x 4 inches / 10 cm x 10 inches / 25.5 cm.

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