Xenomorph Alien Statue, Aliens, Movies & Alien Statues, Alien Warrior Drone Statue

Xenomorph Alien Statue, Aliens, Movies & Alien Statues, Alien Warrior Drone Statue

Xenomorph Alien Warrior Drone Statue

This Xenomorph Alien Statue depicts Alien ready to attack, on a beautiful themed base that reproduces a fragment of the flooring of the colonial system of the planet LV-426. The Xenomorph, better known as the Alien, is an extraterrestrial parasitic species present as the main antagonist in the Alien film series and in the science fiction universe connected to it. The species first appears on screen in the 1979 film Alien, directed by Ridley Scott. Xenomorphs by nature do not feel any kind of feeling, they follow a rigid hierarchical scale and carry out without opposition the orders of the matriarch, who is able to control all her own children through her telepathic abilities. The independence of subordinate xenomorphs is limited if not absent, since, upon the death of the matriarch, they literally lose any will that goes beyond their own survival and after a period of apparent disorientation, they become independent. Only in very rare cases do they exceed 5 days of life, without a guide.

In periods of tranquility, when the nest has now been built and organized and all the guests have given birth to a xenomorph, the general activity of the subordinates ceases. Many of them “fall asleep” in the depths of the hive, maintaining a state of quiescence until the start of a new period of activity. This lethargy can range from a few weeks to at least two years, in which only the xenomorphs necessary for the survival and care of the matriarch remain active. The Drone instead, also commonly referred to as the Warrior, Soldier, Worker or Lurker, and designated a “Stage 4Xenomorph, is the most common adult form of the species Xenomorph XX121. Between 7-8 feet / 2-2,5 meters in height and 14-16 feet / 4-5 meters long (including their tail), Drones are by far the most widespread caste of Xenomorph, acting as the species’ principal offensive unit in combat situations. Among the roles carried out by Drones are the construction of Hives, the elimination of threats and the capture of potential hosts for reproduction.

As with many forms of the Xenomorph, the exact physical characteristics of the Drone can vary. Most obviously, the exact makeup of the creature’s head carapace has been seen to differ between individuals, with both smooth and ridged examples observed. Other minor differences have also been noted. Drones are fast and reasonably tough, and equally capable of carrying out premeditated stealth attacks as well as engaging in savage close-quarters combat. Even in death the Drone is dangerous, as its pressurized bloodstream will often cause it to burst apart if sufficiently damaged, drenching nearby enemies in acid blood. They are also capable of spitting cysts of this acid at their enemies. Most Drones that have been encountered have been spawned from human hosts, and as such generally share their host’s bipedal stature, although they are known to move equally well on all fours, particularly when climbing walls or ceilings or moving through enclosed spaces, tasks at which they are adept.

They are extremely agile, capable of navigating through vents, up walls or across large areas swiftly and nimbly. They also have an astonishing leaping ability. After growing to its full adult height, the Drone typically dwarfs its host, standing at least 7 feet / 2.5 meters tall when born from a human. They are dark in color, typically black but often with shades of grey, blue or brown across their bodies. They are primarily encountered in offensive situations, being voracious predators possessing notable observational intellect and incredible strength, easily capable of restraining or subduing a physically adept human, lifting a person into the air with little effort, or even breaking down metal pressure doors when in groups. In fact, their physical strength is even rival to that of an adult Yautja. As well as their offensive role, Drones are said to fulfil a worker role within the Hive, building and tending to the nest. Alien Warrior Drone Statue sizes: 6 inches / 15 cm x 4 inches / 10 cm x 6 inches / 15 cm.

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