Vegeta’s Round Spaceships Statue, Ships, Anime & Dragon Ball Statues, Dragon Ball Z Vegeta’s Mechanics Saiyan Pod Statue

Vegeta's Round Spaceships Statue, Ships, Anime & Dragon Ball Statues, Dragon Ball Z Vegeta's Mechanics Saiyan Pod Statue

Dragon Ball Z Vegeta’s Mechanics Saiyan Pod Statue

The Saiyans attack at full impact with their Mechanics Spaceships. The Saiyan’s Spaceships comes with Vegeta at the time of attack. It’s interior mecha structure is faithfully recreated with highly a detailed structure of the hatch door’s movement and functionality and scale reproduction of the meters and seat. The Attack Balls, also known as Round Spaceships are spaceships used by those under King Cold, Cooler, and Frieza for interstellar travel. When the Saiyans were a part of the military, these vehicles also sent low-class Saiyans to distant locations, so that they would one day conquer and/or destroy worlds throughout the Galaxy. The Saiyan Pods use incredible technology. These spaceships are purely for transportation purposes, carrying along unconscious people. Because of this, they are not outfitted with any particularly comfortable features but are made to not cause any strain on the body. Even though it is only 5 feet / 1,5 meters in diameter, it houses an advanced environmental system and an incredibly fuel-efficient faster-than-light drive.

Those traveling inside the ball are kept in a state of suspended animation that minimizes the resources needed to keep them alive. Saiyan Pods can travel for 3 years nonstop, but they must replenish their environmental system once every 6 months or twice a year. To do so, they must enter a world with an at least partially inhabitable atmosphere for 10 minutes. Although relatively slow when in final approach or during launch, they can travel at a speed which enables them to cross interstellar distances within days or even hours, and to travel through a Galaxy within a few years, making them some of the fastest spacecraft in the Universe. These ships have exceptionally strong armor, which allows them to not be crushed or outright destroyed upon landing. This often has consequences for the destination point, as the extreme speed often causes massive explosions upon impact, wiping out everything within a certain radius and leaving nothing but a massive crater in its place. Dragon Ball Z Vegeta’s Mechanics Saiyan Pod Statue sizes: 2 inches / 5 cm x 3 inches / 7.5 cm x 6 inches / 15 cm.

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