Red Power Ranger Funko Pop, Funko POPS & Power Rangers Funko POPS, Red Ranger Jason Scott (Power Rangers’ Movie 2017)

Red Power Ranger Funko Pop, Funko POPS & Power Rangers Funko POPS, Red Ranger Jason Scott (Power Rangers' Movie 2017)

Red Power Ranger “Jason Scott” Funko POP

From Power Rangers’ Movie (2017), Red Ranger, Jason Scott, as a stylized vinyl from Funko POP! Dacre Montgomery as Jason Scott, the Red Ranger and the leader of the Power Rangers. Jason was the former star quarterback of Angel Grove High School‘s football team before a failed prank led to a run-in with the law. Recruited by Zordon as the Red Ranger of the Power Rangers, he is given a chance to lead a new team made up of an unlikely group of teenage superheroes and must find it in himself to rise up to the challenge. A former high school football star, Jason ruins his potential future career when he pulls a prank by bringing a bull into the school’s changing room, leaving him sentenced to weekend detentions until the end of the year. He also gains a knee injury for his right leg when he flips his truck during an escape attempt on that fateful night.

After he protects Billy Cranston from a bully during the detention, Billy helps Jason shut down his house arrest ankle monitor in return for driving Billy out to the old mines where Billy used to go with his father, resulting in them discovering the Power Coins at the same time as Kimberly, Trini and Zack are in the area. When they experience sudden bursts of strength and speed, (along with having Jason’s knee heal overnight), the 5 return to the place where they found the coins and discover Zordon and Alpha 5 in the spaceship buried underground. Although skeptical at the story presented by Zordon, Jason soon accepts his role as leader and works to rally the team, even daring to confront Rita Repulsa when they have yet to master their powers. This attack on Rita results in Billy’s death, but the sight of the team coming together prompts Zordon to selflessly sacrifice a chance to return to life and instead resurrect Billy, allowing the new Rangers to battle Rita after Zordon’s team failed. He even wields a sword that once belonged to Zordon, and saves his dad’s life without revealing his identity. Jason and Kimberly are hinted to romantically interested in each other in this adaptation with a deleted scene of a kiss between them confirming this.

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