LEGO Art – World Map – Set 31203

LEGO Art - World Map - Set 31203 on Amazon.

LEGO Art – World Map – Set 31203

LEGO Art – World Map – Set 31203 allows you to explore our planet without leaving home. On the planisphere you can mark the places visited, but there is also the possibility to express your creativity. In the large image on the box you can see only one of the achievable compositions, in the lower part of the package, in fact, alternatives are shown. Like the other LEGO Art sets, this one can also give life to an image, this time it is not a work of art or a character, but the map of the earth, with the various continents. The construction is suitable for an adult public as it is configured as a pastime that aims to relax and amuse the mind, but also to give vent to one’s creativity.

LEGO Art - World Map - Set 31203 - Octopus Version

During the construction you can listen to a themed soundtrack, simply by scanning the QR code found in the instruction booklet. The world map can be assembled by following the instructions found in the enclosed booklet, or by reinterpreting the oceans as you wish, for example by creating splashes of color or geometric designs. The plan is surrounded by a frame always made with LEGO bricks and on the back it has supports to hang it on the wall. To create the complete design, various plates must be joined, this allows you to place the area of ​​the world you prefer at the center of the image. Moreover, thanks to bricks higher than the others, you can mark points on the map, to take into account the destinations visited or to remember those you want to explore soon. LEGO Art – World Map – Set 31203 is definitely a relaxing and challenging pastime for anyone who loves to travel. In fact, it allows you to plan new destinations or remember the beautiful experiences lived, exploring the various continents. LEGO World Map Set 31203 is suitable for ages 18+, and the number of pieces 11695. World Map measures over 15.1” (38cm) high, 21.7” (55cm) long and 6” (15cm) wide.

LEGO Art – World Map – Set 31203 on Amazon.

LEGO Art – World Map – Set 31203 on eBay.


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