King Kong Statue, Animals, Gorillas, Movies & King Kong Statues, King Kong Skull Island Statue

King Kong Statue, Animals, Gorillas, Movies & King Kong Statues, King Kong Skull Island Statue

King Kong of King Kong Skull Island Statue

This King Kong Statue features the mighty King of Skull Island in a defiant pose. The meticulous paint job, sculpted fur and authentic likeness recreate the huge ape in extreme detail. The limited edition deluxe version has Kong displayed in a diorama base featuring the Skull Island Landscape, holding the helicopter he just grabbed out of the air. In the 2017 film Kong: Skull Island, a group of explorers visit an uncharted Island in the Pacific and battle terrifying monsters including the 100-foot-tall Guardian of the Island, Kong. Kong is a member of a prehistoric, simian superspecies that evolved in the Hollow Earth, a lush ecosystem of gigantic creatures located beneath the surface of the Earth. While the species shares a common ancestry with modern-day apes, it is considered to be an entirely new categorization of life. Unusual in apes, the species walked upright instead of knuckle-walking, giving them a humanoid appearance. Based on the appearance of Kong’s parents, the species exhibited some examples of sexual dimorphism. Males appeared to be slightly larger, leaner, and possessed a sagittal crest and beard-like growths along the face. Ancient humans who later became the Iwi revered them as gods and protectors, building large shrines and structures in their name.

In the distant past, the creatures and the Iwi’s ancestors waged war against Godzilla‘s kind for dominance after the Titanus Gojira species became capable of using their Atomic Breath. Due to the Gojira species having this advantage, the Titanus Kong species crafted axe like weapons forged from the dorsal plates of fallen Gojira members to battle against them better. However, the war costed both sides greatly and they are were unable to defeat them, resulting in Kong’s species to dwindle in number. When Skull Island came into existence, living members of the species migrated there via an opening from the Hollow Earth. They ruled over the island peacefully until the Skullcrawlers, an invasive species from the Hollow Earth, infested the island. The feud between the 2 species lasted for centuries, with casualties on both sides. Eventually, the Iwi migrated to the island and witnessed the feud. However, the apes on Skull Island soon died off from the conflict until only 2 were left alive. The 2 of them perished after being overwhelmed by Skullcrawlers but not before the female gave birth to Kong.

As the last known member of his species, Kong patrolled the island and hunted the creatures responsible for the extinction of his species. Kong is naturally gentle and peaceful, but he is fierce and brutal when provoked. As the guardian of Skull Island, he protects its wildlife, and even befriends some of the invading humans. He is very protective of his allies, endangering himself to save Mason Weaver when she falls into the river during his battle with the Skull Devil. Kong also demonstrates remarkable intelligence, utilizing melee weapons and eventually learning sign language. Kong is at least partly carnivorous, as he’s shown feeding on animals he killed, such as the Mire Squid and the Warbat, but also at one point eating a whole handful of fish. Kong is the last of his species, as his family was killed by Skullcrawlers at a young age. Kong is a lonely and emotional creature. His eyes well up with tears when Weaver gently touches him, and one of the cave paintings depicts him crouching and mourning over his deceased parents’ remains. King Kong Skull Island Statue sizes: 7 inches / 18 cm x 5 inches / 13 cm x 12.6 inches / 32 cm.

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