Eternal Kro Funko POP, Funko POPS, Marvel Universe & Eternals Funko POPS, Eternal Kro the Leader of the Deviants

Eternal Kro Funko POP, Funko POPS, Marvel Universe & Eternals Funko POPS, Eternal Kro the Leader of the Deviants

Eternal Kro the Leader of the Deviants Funko POP

From Marvel Universe Eternals, Kro the Leader of the Deviants, stylized as a Funko POP! Kro is the leader of the Deviants and enemy of the Eternals. Kro came to Earth thousands of years ago, but was trapped in ice for millennia. Due to glacial melting, he and a legion of Deviants were set free. Kro then killed Ajak, and gained her powers of regeneration. Kro travelled to London, fighting several of his foes and surviving due to his new powers. After killing Gilgamesh in the forests of Peru, Kro gained a sentience never before experienced by a Deviant. Kro came to realize how both Eternals and Deviants were being used, motivating him further to kill all Eternals. He followed them as they tried to stop the Emergence, but was ultimately killed by Thena after failing to absorb her powers. Despite his Deviant heritage, Kro possesses a number of superhuman traits that are characteristic of an Eternal. Kro maintains a virtually unbreakable mental control over the processes and structure of his body even when he is asleep or unconscious. As a result, Kro has a lifespan that has already lasted over 100,000 years and is immune to disease and aging. His mental control over his body enables him to maintain a youthful, vigorous physical condition. However, Kro is not as nearly indestructible as the Eternals, (for example, Ikaris nearly killed Kro once by strangulation).

But while sufficient force can kill Kro, he can use his mental control over his body to heal himself after being injured. Kro also possesses the power of physical malleability, which is atypical for a Deviant. At will he can cause most of the tissue of his body to become pliant, enabling him to shape it mentally like putty into different configurations. Once the tissue is set in an altered form, Kro has only to stop concentrating and his body will retain that shape until such time as he concentrates upon changing it again. This ability enables him to disguise himself and take the appearance of others (with cosmetic help for skin color, body hair, and so forth). One of Kro’s favorite ploys is to pass himself off among ordinary humanity as a demon by fashioning horns on his head. Kro’s shape-changing powers are limited. He cannot alter the shape of his skeleton in more than minor ways. Moreover, he cannot eliminate any of his mass while transforming, he can only redistribute his 320 pounds of weight. Hence, he usually only uses his shape-changing power to alter his facial features. He can mentally mold the shape of his skull somewhat. Kro has about 3 times the physical endurance of an ordinary human athlete. His heart is not located in the same place as an ordinary human being’s, its true location is unrevealed.

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