Genie Jafar Funko POP, Funko POPS, Disney & Aladdin Funko POPS, Red Evil Genie Jafar

Genie Jafar Funko POP, Funko POPS, Disney & Aladdin Funko POPS, Red Evil Genie Jafar

Red Evil Genie Jafar Funko POP

From Disney Aladdin, Red Evil Genie Jafar, stylized as a Funko POP! Genie Jafar is the final of the 3 forms of Jafar from Disney’s Aladdin and The Return of Jafar. In this form, Jafar is red, huge, bigger than the good genie, and very muscular. He has the same beard as his human form. Jafar also has black, razor sharp claws, yellow eyes and teeth, and black hair. The golden cuffs on his wrists indicate that he is bound by the rules of a genie. He also can change into his human form at will, and can shape-shift into anything he wants like a rotting Gazeem, a blue jackal, a ball of cosmic fire, a sword with a demons face,a huge whale like snake, and Jasmine. After making his final wish to become an all-powerful genie, Jafar became a being capable of commanding not only the world but the Universe as a whole. However, in the same way as Genie, he was still bound by the rules of being a genie, meaning that he was unable to physically kill anyone, make people fall in love with each other or bring people back from the dead.

Genie Jafar also was unable to travel outside the close proximity of his lamp. Despite this, some of his abilities as a genie, demonstrated in both his human and genie forms, were reality manipulation, teleportation of either himself or anyone and anything else, breathing underwater, superhuman strength, terrakinesis, summoning lightning bolts, superhuman endurance, shape-shifting, telekinesis, size-alteration, object conjuring, projecting fire, creating water tornadoes, and various usages of energy beams that were powerful enough to stun various opponents, in addition to the abilities he previously demonstrated in the first movie. However, after he was killed and later revived by Hades as a spirit in an episode of the Hercules animated series, Jafar no longer has his genie powers, but remains as a sorcerer, and also demonstrated the ability to generate monsters, and was nigh-immortal so long as he had his staff.

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Funko POPS, Disney Funko POPS and Aladdin Funko POPS.

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