Tiger Rajah Funko POP, Funko POPS, Disney & Aladdin Funko POPS, Jasmine’s best friend Rajah

Tiger Rajah Funko POP, Funko POPS, Disney & Aladdin Funko POPS, Jasmine's best friend Rajah

Jasmine’s best friend Tiger Rajah Funko POP

From Disney Aladdin, Tiger Rajah the Jasmine’s best friend, stylized as a Funko POP! Rajah is a minor character in Disney‘s 1992 animated feature film, Aladdin. He is Princess Jasmine’s loyal, protective pet tiger and constant companion. Rajah was originally a circus tiger as a cub, who found his way into the Sultan‘s palace after escaping the touring circus group during a visit to Agrabah. He was discovered by a then-young Princess Jasmine, who assumed the cub was a gift from her deceased mother. As a child, Jasmine’s mother told the princess stories of a star named “Rajah“, prompting Jasmine to name her new cub in honor of those stories. Once the Sultan discovers Rajah, he expresses the need to have the latter return to the circus, though his mind is eventually changed and he manages to purchase Rajah from his original owner. Rajah is Jasmine’s best friend and fierce protector. As such, he cares deeply for the princess, and repeatedly supports her throughout the course of the franchise, not once showing a hint of disloyalty or true aggression towards her (though he showed offense when Jasmine mentioned a lack of friends, absentmindedly forgetting Rajah for a brief moment). He is mostly known for being rather aggressive, quarrelsome, bloodthirsty, and intolerable, as he takes a disliking to anyone who annoys Jasmine, even slightly, including narcissistic suitors, “Prince Ali“, and even the Sultan. However, when with Jasmine, Rajah is docile and gentle. He appears to represent Jasmine’s overall character, in this sense as she, too, can be both fierce and loving, depending on whom she is interacting with.

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