Paper Mache Heart Statue, Love Statues, “Nurture Your Soul, Pause, Rest and Tend to Your Spirit” Statue

Paper Mache Heart Statue, Love Statues, "Nurture Your Soul, Pause, Rest and Tend to Your Spirit" Statue

Paper Mache Heart “Nurture Your Soul, Pause, Rest and Tend to Your Spirit” Statue

This Paper Mache Heart Statue is a beautiful heart-shaped sculpture that features a striking finish and a handmade feel. Sentiment reads “Nurture your Soul, pause, rest, and tend to your Spirit“. Made of paper mache with floral green finish, celebrates the beauty and strength found within each one of us, providing encouragement and a gentle reminder that you are loved. A unique piece that is designed with a minimalist mindset. Start to nurture your soul to improve the quality of living. If you are currently starving yourself of love, warmth and all things chocolate, it is time to do things differently. Starving your soul is tantamount to a refusal to say yes to the joy of enjoying rich beauty and abundance that we have around. By starving your soul of needed nourishment, you end up carrying a negative vibe. It is evident when you are constantly swearing, complaining and being rude to others. Soul starvation makes you bitter, needy, angry and resentful. It is even possible that you feel lonely because friends inadvertently shy away from you. Conversely, when you nurture your soul, life feels full. You become a lover of life.

Every little experience opens you to delight. Rose buds unfolding their miracles. Unicorns riding on rainbows in the sky. Red strawberries coated in fresh cream. And the scent of early morning dew. Invariably, living life with an exuberance puts you in a heightened state of energy consciousness. Being in a joyful state connects you to the creative power of the Universe. You operate at a higher level of vibrational frequency which then attracts the same energy airwaves of positive outcomes. Your life is like a song that flows easily, seldom with a note out of tune. In fact, the more you nurture your soul, the more happy you feel. Take walks in nature and notice everything. Engage in creative art, sing in the shower, the car, the bedroom, anywhere! Put on some music and dance, read a good fictional book. Savor every bite of your meal and meditate in serene surroundings. Appreciate yourself and those around you, savor every moment, turn off your mind. Do a random act of kindness, open your heart. Daydream! “Nurture Your Soul, Pause, Rest and Tend to Your Spirit” Statue sizes: 8 inches / 20 cm x 6 inches / 15 cm x 1 inches / 2.5 cm.

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Love Statues.

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