Gold Mecca Statue, Religious & Islamic Statues, Masjid Al Haram Mecca Statue

Gold Mecca Statue, Religious & Islamic Statues, Masjid Al Haram Mecca Statue

Gold Masjid Al Haram Mecca Statue

This Gold Mecca Statue is made of polyester so it has resistance against abrasion, it is a long life product, and comes in a variety of colors and patterns, many based on traditional patterns, and will suit your unique style to create a harmonious spiritual environment as a decoration. The Masjid Al Haram Statue is made with the finest craftsmanship and the finest materials, resulting in a statue of incredible value. Masjid al-Haram (The Sacred Mosque), also known as the Great Mosque of Mecca, is a mosque that surrounds the Kaaba in Mecca, in the Mecca Province of Saudi Arabia. It is a site of pilgrimage in the Hajj, which every Muslim must do at least once in their lives if able, and is also the main phase for the ʿUmrah, the lesser pilgrimage that can be undertaken any time of the year. The rites of both pilgrimages include circumambulating the Kaaba within the mosque. The Great Mosque includes other important significant sites, including the Black Stone, the Zamzam Well, Maqam Ibrahim, and the hills of Safa and Marwa. As of August 2020, the Great Mosque is the largest mosque and the 8th largest building in the world. It has undergone major renovations and expansions through the years.

It has passed through the control of various caliphs, sultans and kings, and is now under the control of the King of Saudi Arabia who is titled the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques. The Great Mosque contends with the Mosque of the Companions in the Eritrean city of Massawa and Quba Mosque in Medina as the oldest mosque. Some scholars, who reference Islamic tradition and the Quran, explain that the Islamic perspective claims that Islam as a religion preceded Muhammad, representing previous prophets such as Abraham. Abraham is credited by Muslims with having built the Kaaba in Mecca, and consequently its sanctuary, which according to the Muslim view is seen as the first mosque that ever existed. According to other scholars, Islam started during the lifetime of Muhammad in the 7th century CE, and so did architectural components such as the mosque. In that case, either the Mosque of the Companions or Quba Mosque would be the first mosque that was built in the history of Islam. Masjid Al Haram Mecca Statue measures: 11.8 inches / 3 cm x 7.1 inches / 3 cmx 2.75 inches / 3 cm.

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