Roronoa Zoro “Tatsu Maki” Statue, Anime & One Piece Statues, Roronoa Zoro Giant Dragon Tornado Statue

Roronoa Zoro "Tatsu Maki" Statue, Anime & One Piece Statues, Roronoa Zoro Giant Dragon Tornado Statue

Roronoa Zoro “Tatsu Maki” Giant Dragon Tornado Statue

This fascinating Roronoa Zoro “Tatsu Maki” Statue is beautiful and moving, just like the characters in the animation, vividly expressing the expressions and characteristics of cartoon characters. Unique animated character design, realistic and exquisite image, classic and vivid posture, well-crafted, excellent viewing. Made of high-quality environmentally friendly PVC material, unique design and perfect details, very suitable for any fan of this anime. The face of this statue is vivid and charming, with a vivid look, elegant gentleman and high-end atmosphere, has an incredible pose statue with aglow inspiration and stimulating imagination. This hand-made model has perfect packaging and is a great gift for One Piece‘s lovers. Exquisite craftsmanship, the meticulous engraving and environmentally friendly paint make this Roronoa Zoro Statue very realistic. Roronoa Zoro, also known as “Pirate HunterZoro, is the combatant of the Straw Hat Pirates, and one of their 2 swordsmen. As a master of Three Sword Style, a swordsmanship style which he created during his childhood training in Shimotsuki Village, Zoro is among the 3 most powerful combatants of the Straw Hats, alongside Luffy and Sanji. He currently has a bounty of Belly 320,000,000.

Three Sword Style is a unique style of triple wielding swordsmanship where the practitioner triple wields Katanas, 2 in both hands and the 3rd in the jaw. There are many different techniques for this sword style, including direct hit attacksOni Giri” and compressed air projectile attacksHyaku Hachi Pound Ho“. Roronoa Zoro is the world-famous swordsman of the Straw Hat Pirates who created this style, using his original Two Sword Style as the basis of most of Three Sword Style techniques, which also incorporates dual wielding. Three Sword Style is an extremely formidable Strong Blade swordsmanship style in comparison to conventional swordsmanship such as one sword style or the more versatile two sword due to triple wielding three swords by dual wielding two sword in both hands and the third in the mouth. However, Three Sword Style requires a gruelling amount of tedious training to develop both the superhuman arm and jaw strength as well as the immense ambidexterity required to effectively use all three swords as Zoro had to do all sorts of abnormal training exercises from his childhood to young adult life to master it.

Tatsu Maki (literally meaning “Dragon Twister“): Zoro spins with his swords to create a dragon-like tornado that both slashes and blows away the target(s). By the time of the Enies Lobby Arc, Zoro achieved enough power to bust apart a tall establishment all the way through the topmost ceiling with this move and was also able to break Tekkai. This is one of Zoro’s most powerful attacks. It was first used to defeat Hatchan. The aura of a Chinese dragon is seen accompanying him during the formation of this technique. The pun here is “Tatsumaki” means “tornado” in Japanese when written with the Japanese character for “tatsu” instead of the Chinese character, and is also a type of sushi. In the VIZ manga and 4Kids dub, this is called Dragon Twister, and in the FUNimation dub, this technique keeps its original name. However, in some episodes of the FUNimation dub, Zoro calls it Dragon Twister. In the Odex dub, this is called Zoro Tornado. Roronoa Zoro Giant Dragon Tornado Statue size: 19.6 inches / 50 cm.

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