Orochimaru Funko POP, Funko POPS & Naruto Funko POPS, Orochimaru the Legendary Sannin

Orochimaru Funko POP, Funko POPS & Naruto Funko POPS, Orochimaru the Legendary Sannin

Orochimaru the Legendary Sannin Funko POP

From Naruto Shippuden, Orochimaru the Legendary Sannin, as a stylized POP vinyl from Funko! Orochimaru is one of Konohagakure’s legendary Sannin. With a life-ambition to learn all of the world’s secrets, Orochimaru seeks immortality so that he might live all of the lives necessary to accomplish his task. After being caught red-handed performing unethical experiments on his fellow citizens for the sake of this immortality, Orochimaru defected from Konoha rather than be persecuted for his ambitions, and for many years sought the village’s destruction in order to take revenge and demonstrate what he had learned. After several apparent deaths in the pursuit of his goals, Orochimaru realises his approach is flawed through Kabuto Yakushi, his former associate, and begins monitoring the choices and actions of his former apprentice, Sasuke Uchiha. In the anime and manga, Orochimaru is a former ninja from the village of Konohagakure who is well known for his abilities. He is one of the 3 Legendary Sannin and a former member of the terrorist organization Akatsuki. He sought to gain power, conducted inhumane experiments to find a means to cheat death, and built his own ninja village Otogakure.

He succeeded to some extent in obtaining immortality by transferring between different host bodies, which became one of his driving motivations throughout the series as he targets Sasuke Uchiha for his genetic heritage. While he was the main antagonist in Part I of the series, Orochimaru‘s role was overshadowed by the Akatsuki organization prior to the Fourth Ninja War arc. By the events of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, he has seemingly redeemed himself and has sent his son Mitsuki to Konoha to become a ninja, while he himself occasionally works with Naruto (who has become the Seventh Hokage) and Sasuke. Based on Japanese mythology, Orochimaru was created as one of the series’ main antagonists, and was intended to represent the opposite of the protagonists’ morals and values. His snake-like appearance features were intended to make it easier for the reader to recognize that he is a villain. Several anime and manga publications have praised and criticized Orochimaru’s character. He has been praised as one of the series’ premiere villains by reviewers for his lack of redeeming qualities and open malevolence. Among the Naruto reader base, Orochimaru has been a popular character, ranking within the top 20 in several polls.

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Funko POPS and Naruto Funko POPS.

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