Kisame Hoshigaki Statue, Anime & Naruto Statues, Kisame with his Samehada Sword Statue

Kisame Hoshigaki Statue, Anime & Naruto Statues, Kisame with his Samehada Sword Statue

Kisame Hoshigaki with his Samehada Sword Statue

The workmanship of this Kisame Hoshigaki Statue is excellent, the details are outstanding and is hand painted. Hand-painted multi-layer colors, showing Kisame with his Samehada Sword. Compared to traditional statues, the finesse and plasticity of the resin statue is obviously more than a little stronger. In terms of design, this Kisame Statue can be called art. Kisame Hoshigaki was a Level S wanted criminal from the Mist Village. Along with Itachi, he is the first member of the Dawn Organization to appear in the manga. He was once one of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist, and his weapon is the Samehada Sword, also called Shark Skin. He immediately proves to be a man capable of enjoying life even on a mission, for example at the first appearance of him he suggests to Itachi to drink green tea just before starting the mission, since it was a long time since he came to the Leaf Village, another moment is when later in the manga he is sorry for the death of Tobi, the only member of Alba to bring a bit of joy to the group, which is paradoxical when compared to his usual aggressive disposition.

Like the other character who appeared in the manga belonging to the Swordsmen of the Mist, Zabuza Momochi, Kisame enjoys mutilating his opponents, as can be seen when he suggests amputating Naruto Uzumaki‘s legs to be able to carry him more easily. When still loyal to his home country, Kisame was part of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist, a group of ninja who used to use particular types of swords in battle, Kisame’s sword is called Samehada and is entirely covered with scales which, instead of cutting, mangling the opponent’s body. It also has the ability to absorb a large amount of chakra from the opponent. When not in use, Kisame keeps his sword wrapped in some bandages. Samehada can also be used freely only by Kisame and in the event that another person wants to use it, at a command from Kisame on the sword handle, thorns come out and stick into the flesh of the opponent’s hand and the weapon spontaneously returns to the Swordsman of the Mist.

2 other abilities of this sword are also shown in chapter 470. It is in fact able to stretch from the point of its handle. But what is most surprising is that it can transform into a creature with a huge mouth with many razor sharp teeth, making it actually much more dangerous and lethal than it already is. Kisame has a shark-like appearance, with bluish skin, gills on the cheeks that allow it to breathe underwater, and sharp triangular-shaped teeth. He mainly uses aquatic techniques, and often shapes shark-shaped bodies of water so that he can attack the opponent. Although not able to perform aquatic jutsu without water sources, Kisame is able to generate this element himself, spitting enormous quantities of water from his mouth, which he then uses to perform his aquatic techniques, this technique takes its name of Explosive Wave. Kisame is also known for having a large amount of chakra, on average more than his fellow Dawns. When forced to fight Team Gai, although he only possesses 30% of his total chakra due to the use of Pain’s Form Conversion Technique, his chakra reserve is compared to that in Naruto‘s possession.

Chojuro, his former companion in the Swordsmen of the Mist, states that Kisame has so much chakra, that it can be compared to a Bijuu Without a Tail (Motanai Biju). Chojuro himself states that Kisame’s Samehada is the mightiest of the seven swords of the Mist Swordsmen. In fact this, unlike those of the other swordsmen, does not behave as a sword, but as an animal that helps Kisame by passing him the chakra that he has absorbed from the opponents and even merging with him, infinitely increasing his level. But this turned out to be a double-edged sword, in fact, Samehada can decide to change masters at will (as happened in the fight against Killer Bee). In chapter 506, while Aoba tries to immobilize the Nukenin with a technique, it turns out that Kisame possesses the ability to absorb the chakra of others even without the use of Samehada (although not in large quantities like the sword). Kisame with his Samehada Sword Statue sizes: 13 inches / 33 cm.

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