Raccoon Steampunk Statue, Animals, Raccoons & Steampunk Statues, Raccoon Frogman Cadet Steampunk Statue

Raccoon Steampunk Statue, Animals, Raccoons & Steampunk Statues, Raccoon Frogman Cadet Steampunk Statue

Raccoon Frogman Cadet Steampunk Statue

This Raccoon Steampunk Statue is made of high quality cold cast resin with a unique bronze powder finish. Intricately sculpted antique bronze and lightly colored finish makes this statue a stand out piece. Add a bit of deep sea flair to your Steampunk collection with this awesome Raccoon Frogman Cadet Steampunk Statue. This astounding aquanaut features incredible detail, from his dive mask and weight belt to the plasma light he holds in his hand. Made of cold cast resin, with the base is lined with felt to prevent it from scratching delicate surfaces. The bronzed finish is highlighted by hand painted accents that emphasize the detail. Based on fossil evidence from Russia and Bulgaria, the first known members of the family Procyonidae lived in Europe in the late Oligocene about 25 million years ago. Similar tooth and skull structures suggest procyonids and weasels share a common ancestor, but molecular analysis indicates a closer relationship between raccoons and bears.

After the then-existing species crossed the Bering Strait at least 6 million years later in the early Miocene, the center of its distribution was probably in Central America. Coatis (Nasua and Nasuella) and Raccoons (Procyon) have been considered to share common descent from a species in the genus Paranasua present between 5.2 and 6.0 million years ago. This assumption, based on morphological comparisons of fossils, conflicts with a 2006 genetic analysis which indicates raccoons are more closely related to ringtails. Unlike other procyonids, such as the Crab-eating Raccoon (Procyon cancrivorus), the ancestors of the common raccoon left tropical and subtropical areas and migrated farther north about 2.5 million years ago, in a migration that has been confirmed by the discovery of fossils in the Great Plains dating back to the middle of the Pliocene. Its most recent ancestor was likely Procyon rexroadensis, a large Blancan raccoon from the Rexroad Formation characterized by its narrow back teeth and large lower jaw.

A Frogman is someone who is trained in scuba diving or swimming underwater in a tactical capacity that includes military, and in some European countries, police work. Such personnel are also known by the more formal names of combat diver, combatant diver, or combat swimmer. The word frogman first arose in the stage name The Fearless Frogman of Paul Boyton in the 1870s and later was claimed by John Spence, an enlisted member of the U.S. Navy and member of the OSS Maritime Unit, to have been applied to him while he was training in a green waterproof suit. The term frogman is occasionally used to refer to a civilian scuba diver. Some sport diving clubs include the word Frogmen in their names. The preferred term by scuba users is diver, but the frogman epithet persists in informal usage by non-divers, especially in the media and often referring to professional scuba divers, such as in a police diving role. In the U.S. Military and Intelligence community, divers trained in scuba or CCUBA “a breathing apparatus that absorbs the carbon dioxide” who deploy for tactical assault missions are called “combat divers“.

This term is used to commonly refer to Navy SEALs, Navy SARC, and the Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) units. Navy SWCC have frogmen heritage of combat swimming rather than diving, one of the few and most elite units trained in this element. Other Frogmen units include Marine Raiders Marine Recon, elements of US Army Special Forces (aka Green Berets) Combat Divers, Army Ranger Regimental Reconnaissance Company, Air Force Pararescue, Air Force Combat Controllers, and Air Force Special Reconnaissance, as well as operatives of the CIA‘s Special Activities Center. In Britain, police divers have often been called “police frogmen“. Some countries’ tactical diver organizations include a translation of the word frogman in their official names, e.g., Denmark’s Frømandskorpset, others call themselves “combat divers” or similar. Others call themselves by indefinite names such as “special group 13” and “special operations unit“. Many nations and some irregular armed groups deploy or have deployed combat swimmers or divers. Raccoon Frogman Cadet Steampunk Statues sizes: 3.5 inches / 9 cm x 3 inches / 7.5 cm x 5.5 inches / 14 cm.

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