Kizaru Borsalino Statue, Anime & One Piece Statues, Borsalino “Admiral in the Marines” Statue

Kizaru Borsalino Statue, Anime & One Piece Statues, Borsalino "Admiral in the Marines" Statue

Kizaru Borsalino “Admiral in the Marines” Statue

This Kizaru Borsalino Statue is created with the highest of quality, with exquisite details and with vibrant, lively colors. Pre-colored and comes with its own figure stand, a must for any One Piece fan. Borsalino, largely recognized by his alias Kizaru, is an antagonist in One Piece. He is one of the 3 admirals in the Marines. Due to his actions, Kizaru can be considered one of the main antagonists of the Sabaody Archipelago Arc and a major antagonist in Marineford Arc. Kizaruyellow monkey“, is an admiral of the Navy. He appears as a careless, absent and forgetful man. He usually speaks in a very calm and composed way and never breaks down, even in the face of problematic situations, in which he often pretends fear or amazement in a sarcastic way. Kizaru bases his conduct on the so-called vague justice, he doesn’t seem to feel pity for the criminals, but he doesn’t get to involve innocent people and hit his men for their hesitation. Kizaru ate the Rogia Pika Pika fruit (Pika Pika no Mi / Glint-Glint Fruit), which allows him to become a man of light and make weapons out of light which move extremely fast. Like all owners of a Rogia Fruit he can become intangible at will since his body is entirely made up of photons that can rejoin if the body is damaged, he is also capable of firing laser-like beams of light as well as hitting the opponent and moving at the speed of light. His powers have been the subject of study by Dr. Vegapunk and in fact, in Pacifist, the laser that he also uses has been recreated. His face is inspired by that of the Japanese actor Kunie Tanaka.

The mere presence of him on the Sabaody Archipelago was enough to unleash panic among all the pirates present and to severely worry the Supernovae. In fact, Scratchmen Apoo called Kizaru’s strength incredible after seeing him in action against some pirates and Hawkins himself, during their encounter, calculated that the odds of defeat against the admiral were 100%. After Luffy attacks the world Noble Charloss, Kizaru is sent to the Sabaody archipelago to capture him, and here, after easily defeating the Supernovas Urouge, Basil Hawkins, Scratchman Apoo and X Drake, he attacks the Straw Hat Crew but is stopped by Silvers Rayleigh and Bear Bartholomew, who ships pirates to various parts of the world. During the battle of Marineford he confronts Marco, managing to wound him after he is handcuffed with agalmatolite, he then tries to prevent Luffy and Law from escaping but is interrupted by Benn Beckman, who arrives in Marineford with Shanks, and by Sengoku, who puts an end to the conflict. As admiral, Kizaru has command over a huge number of subordinates and holds the second highest office in the Navy. In addition, he has the right to invoke a Buster Calltotal destruction” on any island that he deems a threat to the World Government and can grant this privilege even to government agents who do not have such power. Borsalino “Admiral in the Marines” Statue measures: 6.7 inches / 17 cm x 13.9 inches / 35 cm x 10.2 inches / 26 cm.

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