Oozaru Vegeta Statue, Anime & Dragon Ball Statues, Dragon Ball Z Great Ape Vegeta Statue

Oozaru Vegeta Statue, Anime & Dragon Ball Statues, Dragon Ball Z Great Ape Vegeta Statue

Dragon Ball Z Oozaru Great Ape Vegeta Statue

As the first statue from the Dragon Ball Z license, this incredibly detailed Oozaru Vegeta Statue stands apart from other statues as a very rare version of everyone’s favorite “frenemy“, Vegeta. From the legendary animation and comic franchise, Dragon Ball Z, Vegeta is perfectly envisioned and sculpted as the almighty frightful terror of Earth during the series defining battle against the lead protagonist, Son Goku! A shuddering chill races through Goku’s body as his sinister rival awakens his ultimate form, Oozaru Vegeta! The Oozaru or Monkeys are huge gorillas, the result of a Saiyan transformation that occurs in the presence of the Full Moon. The metamorphosis is activated when the sun reflects its light on the lunar surface and it transforms into Blue Waves. When the waves reach the amount of 17 million Zenos (an amount that can only be reached with the full moon), they begin to transform.

The classic Oozaru, that is the one with the brown fur, can be reached by many characters: Son Gohan, Son Goku, Vegeta, and during some scenes you can see Saiyans such as Bardock, Seripa, Toma, Toteppo and Panbuukin transformed into Oozaru to attack the planet Kanassa. Vegeta’s father, the Saiyan King in a flashback is also transformed into Oozaru. During the fight against Goku, Vegeta transforms into Oozaru by creating an artificial full moon, but the power of the transformation will be halved, because creating fake moons costs a lot of energy. After Yajirobe cuts off Vegeta’s tail and Gohan sees the artificial moon, the latter transforms, only to become normal when Vegeta cuts off his tail. However, he falls on him, almost killing him. In addition, Nappa, Raditz and Turles can also become Oozaru in video games. In this form, Vegeta can speak, he maintains perfect control of himself, not like Goku who destroyed everything. He is wearing a white and yellow battle suit, with a blue suit. Dragon Ball Z Great Ape Vegeta Statue sizes: 4.5 inches / 11.5 cm x 3.3 inches / 8 cm x 6.9 inches / 17.5 cm.

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