Red Death Statue, Movies & DC Comics Statues, Dark Nights Metal Red Death Statue

Red Death Statue, Movies & DC Comics Statues, Dark Nights Metal Red Death Statue

Dark Nights Metal Red Death Statue

This Red Death Statue is based on his appearance in DC Comics. It is cast in high-quality plastic and features collectible quality paint applications. Made entirely for the DC Gallery line, Red Death is equipped with a themed base representing a terrain, surrounded by several red bats that seem to flutter around the protagonist of the statue. Red Death! With bat-shaped speed lightning whipping around him as he screeches to a halt, this speed force-empowered Batman is the perfect addition to any Batman or Flash collection. Dark Nights Metal is a monthly comic book published by DC Comics that began in June 2017 and lasted until April 2018. Dark Nights: Metal is part of a larger crossover storyline, which include the eponymous 6-issue core miniseries, and a number of tie-in books. The story closely links with Snyder and Capullo‘s run on Batman during The New 52 DC relaunch. The story involves Batman discovering a dark multiverse that exists beneath the core DC Multiverse.

It is revealed that both multiverses are connected through mysterious metals that Batman has encountered over the years. His investigations eventually result in him releasing 7 evil versions of himself from the dark multiverse, led by the Dark God known as Barbatos, who plans to unleash darkness across every Earth. So the Red Death is a villainous version of Batman from Earth-52 in the DC Comics Universe. He is a member of the Dark Knights, a group of vigilantes from the Dark Multiverse whose goal is to assist the deity Barbatos to plunge the central DC Multiverse into darkness. In short, the Red Death is Batman, fused with the power of The Flash and utterly, totally corrupted by fear. In the summer of 2017 DC published Dark Knights: Metal, a massive crossover chiefly written by Scott Snyder. The event saw the arrival of the “Dark Knights“, evil Batman from across the multiverse led by the worst Batman of all, The Batman Who Laughs.

Generally speaking, the Dark Knights are different versions of Bruce Wayne/Batman, each of whom correspond with another member of the Justice League and personify Bruce Wayne’s fears in a different way. The Red Death is basically “Batman, but The Flash” and exists as a manifestation of Batman’s fear of losing his family and not being fast enough. The Red Death’s origins were revealed in a one-shot tie-in issue, Batman: The Red Death, which showed a corrupted, paranoid Bruce Wayne demanding Flash give him his Speed Force powers. When Flash refused, Batman strapped him to the hood of the Batmobile, and basically gunned it until their bodies fused together into one. Although Flash had lost his body, his consciousness remained dormant inside Batman’s, and at the end of Dark Knights managed to regain control and destroyed the Red Death. Dark Nights Metal Red Death Statue sizes: 10 inches / 3 cm x 5 inches / 13 cm x 4 inches / 10 cm.

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