Saint Seiya Andromeda Shun Funko POP, Funko POPS & Saint Seiya Funko POPS, Saint Seiya Andromeda Shun with Andromeda Cloth

Saint Seiya Andromeda Shun Funko POP, Funko POPS & Saint Seiya Funko POPS, Saint Seiya Andromeda Shun with Andromeda Cloth

Saint Seiya Andromeda Shun with Andromeda Cloth Funko POP

Andromeda Shun (Andoromeda no Shun, “Twinkle, Instant“), also known as Shun, is one of the Bronze Saints. He is arguably one of the strongest in the series, although his gentle disposition and kind nature tend to prevent him from using his true power, unless he is forced to do so. Shun is also the younger brother of Phoenix Ikki, a fellow Bronze Saint. Shun has the purest soul in his era and is the “Chosen One“. Whether or not he is a reincarnation of a previous vessel of Hades is unknown, but Tenma implied that Shun and Alone are similar in Next Dimension. Shun is considered to be a very handsome young man. During the Galaxian Wars in the coliseum, the female spectators cheered for Shun during his match against Unicorn Jabu, saying that he was beautiful. Various of Shun’s opponents have also made remarks about his appearance: Perseus Algol calling him “handsome little boy” and Pisces Aphrodite later referring to him as a “pretty boy“.

It is evident that his features are inspired by his guardian constellation, Andromeda, who was praised for her beauty in Greek mythology. Shun is a pacifist, and the most reluctant of the Bronze Saints when a situation must be resolved by violence. He is a merciful soul by nature, and a firm believer in solving problems without causing bloodshed. This creates a sharp contrast between himself and the rest of the Saints: Whereas the others will not hesitate to battle when the situation demands it, Shun only allows himself to fight if it’s an absolute necessity, or when his almost endless patience wears out. When this is the case, Shun can become an extremely skilled and deadly fighter. His kindness also lets Charon abandon the attack and his sorrow distracts Lune unintentionally so Kanon can mind control Lune. Shun is shown as a competent and tough, if unwilling, fighter and opponent. In “Sanctuary“, he manages to hold his own against Gemini Saga, and even manages to kill Pisces Aphrodite, both of them Gold Saints.

He is the second of the Bronze Saints to achieve his God Cloth. Though he may be adverse to fighting, he will fight when he is required to, and is just as powerful or skilled as any of the other main Bronze Saints. The Andromeda Cloth is one of the Bronze Cloths, currently in the keeping of the Bronze Saint Shun. The Andromeda Cloth represents the Andromeda Constellation. The constellation is based on the myth of Andromeda, an Ethopian princess. Her mother, Queen Cassiopeia, had boasted of being more beautiful than the 50 Nereids, sea nymphs and the daughters of the god Nereus. When they learned of Cassiopeia’s claim, they complained to Poseidon, whose wife was also a Nereid. In retaliation, Poseidon sent a sea monster, Cetus, to ravage the kingdom. When Cassiopeia’s husband, Cepheus, asked an oracle what could be done to save his people, Poseidon demanded that Andromeda be chained to a rock as a sacrifice to him, to be eaten alive by Cetus. The chains from the Andromeda Cloth are said to be the very same chains used to bind the mythological character in the story.

Luckily, Andromeda was rescued from death by the hero Perseus, who fell in love with her while returning home and offered to free her if her parents would allow him to marry the princess. Having gained the agreement of Andromeda’s family, Perseus turned Cetus to stone with the head of the gorgon Medusa and saved the girl’s life. However, when they returned to Ethiopia, they were met by the angry Phineus, Andromeda’s uncle, who had been engaged to her before she was offered as a sacrifice. Outnumbered by Phineus’s men, Perseus turned all of them to stone and married Andromeda, remaining with her and their son in Ethiopia for a year before going back to his own home, Seriphos. Andromeda accompanies her husband when he goes to save his mother Danae from being married against her will, and becomes Queen of Mycenae when Perseus switches rulership of Argos with the former Mycenae king. After their deaths, the gods placed Perseus and Andromeda in the sky as constellations for their heroism. One of Perseus and Andromeda‘s descendants is said to be the hero Heracles.

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