Saint Seiya Phoenix Ikki Funko POP, Funko POPS & Saint Seiya Funko POPS, Saint Seiya Phoenix Ikki with Phoenix Cloth

Saint Seiya Phoenix Ikki Funko POP, Funko POPS & Saint Seiya Funko POPS, Saint Seiya Phoenix Ikki with Phoenix Cloth

Saint Seiya Phoenix Ikki with Phoenix Cloth Funko POP

From Saint Seiya, Phoenix Ikki, as a stylized Funko POP. Phoenix Ikki (Fenikkusu no Ikki, “Gleam“) is the Bronze Saint of Phoenix. Although he was introduced later than the other 4 main Bronze Saints, Ikki’s role in the story is quite significant. He serves as the first antagonist in the series that the other Saints must defeat, as well as a powerful ally later in the series. While Ikki is officially recognized as a Bronze Saint, his base power easily places him well above most Silver Saints, and his reputation as a powerhouse is common knowledge among his peers and fellow Bronze Saints. Even as a child, Ikki was known as the toughest kid of the 100 orphans, and would often defend his then delicate younger brother Shun from the other children. He could easily be recognized as the strongest Bronze Saint when it comes to raw power. Ikki’s personality is drastically different from his fellow Saints. He is almost the opposite of his younger brother, Shun is calm, soft, caring and very emotional, whereas Ikki is harsh, cold, aggressive, and very much of a loner. Fellow Saint Wolf Nachi once pointed out that it was very hard to believe Ikki and Shun were related due to the extreme difference in their personalities.

As noted by Kanon in the Poseidon arc and by Pandora in the Hades chapter, Ikki’s Cosmo is unique to him, it is full of hatred, anger, incredible aggression and power, but it was still guided by his deep love and loyalty for his younger brother, his friends and loyalty to Athena. Although he dislikes teamwork, he comes to battle whenever Athena’s Saints need his help, and is often seen coming in the nick of time to save his younger brother and friends from certain death. This tactic has always been exploited to their advantage, since the enemies are caught by surprise upon meeting/fighting him. He is a noble, complex and mature character, who does not doubt whenever it’s necessary to sacrifice his life for his friends. The Phoenix Cloth is one of the Bronze Cloths. It has evolved 3 times in the manga and the anime. It was originally decided that Shun would go to Death Queen Island to obtain this Cloth, but Ikki went in Shun’s place to protect his brother. Ikki kills his master, the owner of the cloth, and thus gains the Phoenix Cloth.

It has also been mentioned that Ikki is the first Saint since the mythological era who has been able to wear the Cloth. The Phoenix Cloth is based on the constellation of the same name. In Greek and Egyptian mythology, the Phoenix was a legendary bird that was particularly noted for being immortal, when about to die, the creature would immolate itself, and then be reborn as a chick from its own ashes. Accounts vary on the appearance of the phoenix, but it has been stated to be either a fiery red or purple color, the purple hue desginates the phoenix as a symbol of royalty, in addition to being an emblem of resurrection, the Sun and Eternal Life. In Christianity, the phoenix also serves as a symbol of Jesus Christ. In demonology, it is also the name of a demon of Hell, who appears as his namesake with a sweet, seductive voice, and if handled correctly, the demon Phoenix is able to aid his summoner in the fields of poetry and science. This demon is also said to be regretful of his decision to follow Satan, and seeks redemption from God in order to return to Heaven.

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