Lord Zedd Funko POP, Funko POPS & Power Rangers Funko POPS, Power Rangers’ Lord Zedd the Archenemy of Zordon

Lord Zedd Funko POP, Funko POPS & Power Rangers Funko POPS, Power Rangers' Lord Zedd the Archenemy of Zordon

Power Rangers’ Lord Zedd the Archenemy of Zordon Funko POP

From Power Rangers, Lord Zedd, as a stylized vinyl from Funko POP! Lord Zedd is one of the main antagonists of the Power Rangers franchise. He served as the overarching antagonist of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 1, the main antagonist in Season 2, an alternate version of him was the inciting antagonist of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie, one of the 2 main antagonists in Season 3 (alongside Master Vile, his father-in-law), and a major antagonist in Power Rangers Zeo and a minor antagonist in Power Rangers In Space. He was the archenemy of Zordon, the Power Rangers’ first mentor. In his debut appearance and 40 episodes after, Zedd started off as very menacing, sadistic, and megalomaniacal. He coldly abused his lackeys, dangerously silencing Goldar and others frequently and blaming them for most failures rather than taking responsibility for those failures himself. During and after “The Wedding” however, thanks to Rita’s love potion, his personality changed to a mostly-loving and caring person around Rita but he still abused her and others when he didn’t get his way. For example, during their first marital argument, he silenced Rita and demanded her respect from him when she blamed him for their recent failure, then refused to comply to her listening to him from then on.

Zedd harbored a lot of disrespect for Master Vile, especially when he got pushed to the side and also expressed disdain for him having stopped them from destroying Angel Grove. He is shown to hate being called “Ed” as he yells at Rito and Alpha 5 when they call him that. Zedd also showed some sexist traits as seen in the episode “Best Man For The Job” when he called Rita incompetent because of her gender and for no other reason. When he was turned good by Zordon’s Energy Wave, his evil personality traits were mostly purged and his love for Rita was enough for Zordon’s energy to turn him into a human being. Lord Zedd has dangerous dark powers which he channels through his mighty Z-Staff and mainly utilized them to create monsters out of objects. He also possessed grenades called “growth bombs” that he would throw down to his monsters that would allow them to grow. After marrying Rita, she and Zedd would cross their staffs to grow the monsters. He is also a very capable hand to hand fighter, since he easily defeated Tommy in combat. Zedd can also use his powers to see things that are far away. Among other things, he is able to teleport, create illusions, such as his first appearance in the second season in the form of giant projection in space above the Rita’s palace. Also, in some cases, he could create things out of thin air to turn them to any other object, and throw lightning bolts from his hands, which are often frightened his minions.

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