Star Wars Lightsaber Tankard

Star Wars Lightsaber Tankard

Star Wars Lightsaber Tankard

Let the Force be with you! Show the galaxy that you mean business with the iconic Silver Buffalo Star Wars Lightsaber sculpted handle Ceramic Coffee Tankard for Cappuccino, Latte or Hot Tea. The easy grip handle, sculpted in the shape of the iconic Lightsaber, and artwork to match showing the illustrious Darth Vader, Boba Fett, Master Yoda, and Stormtrooper characters will ensure that everyone knows that only you can bring balance to the universe and the boardroom. This Star Wars Lightsaber Tankard is constructed of BPA-free and toxin-free ceramic but this product is not dishwasher safe and is not microwave safe. Enjoy coffee, tea, or hot cocoa out of your Star Wars Tankard, an out-of-this-world gift for all the Star Wars fans in your galaxy.

Star Wars Lightsaber Tankard on Amazon.

Star Wars Lightsaber Tankard on eBay.


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