Jinbe Statue, Anime & One Piece Statues, Jinbe “Knight of the Sea” Statue

Jinbe Statue, Anime & One Piece Statues, Jinbe "Knight of the Sea" Statue

Jinbe “Knight of the Sea” Statue

This Jinbe Statue is expertly crafted and meticulously sculpted to look like Jinbe (One Piece Anniversary) from their respective anime. Jinbe, is a fish-man of the whale shark type and a member of the Fleet of Seven known by the nickname “The Knight of the Sea“. He shows he has great honor and pride, but knowing how to show himself humble when the situation requires it. As a member of the Sun Pirates, Jinbe had a bounty of 76 million Berry, then increased to 250 million after becoming captain of the crew. This bounty was suspended when he agreed to join the Fleet. After relinquishing the title, his bounty increases to 438 million Berry. He is one of the foremost experts in fish-man karate thanks to which he is able to manipulate water as if it were a solid substance. During the escape from Tottoland he proved to be an excellent helmsman. At the first appearance of him he is 44 years old. Born and raised on Fish-Man Island, he enlisted in the Royal Army, only to leave it when he joined the Sun Pirate Crew, becoming their captain after Fisher Tiger’s death.

Some time later he was offered a place in the Fleet of Seven, and he agreed to allow anyone who wished to return home, however, causing the release of Arlong, previously captured by Kizaru, as he too was a member of the Pirates of the Sun. Very attached to Portuguese D. Ace and Whitebeard as protector of the fishmen island, Jinbe refuses the World Government’s order to take sides against the Emperor in the battle of Marineford and is therefore locked up in Impel Down. Here he meets Luffy, whom he asks to be released in order to help Ace. Jinbe then helps defeat the prison staff and break out the remaining inmates by getting a Navy ship. He then intervenes at the battle of Marineford, where he confronts Gekko Moria and undertakes to protect Whitebeard and Luffy: it is Jinbe, in fact, who defends him from the attacks of Admiral Akainu and brings him to safety on the submarine of Trafalgar Law at the end of the battle. At Amazon Lily, Jinbe manages to calm Luffy, destroyed by Ace’s death, and suggests him to recompose his crew, then returns with the boy and Silvers Rayleigh to Marineford to communicate the secret message to the Straw Hat Crew.

2 years later, Jinbe reunites with Luffy and his crew on Fishman Island and helps them fight off the New Fishman Pirates. At the end of the fighting he donates some of his blood to Luffy and Luffy asks him to join his crew. Jinbe, while declaring himself honored, refuses, claiming that he still has things to complete. After capturing Caribou and delivering him to the navy, he helps the inhabitants of a sunken city attacked by sea monsters, and in doing so he finds Wadatsumi, who joins him, and a Poignee Griffe. He later goes to Tottoland to see Big Mom to ask her to leave the crew, but withdraws her request after hearing the Empress’s conditions. He later connects Luffy and Capone Bege to forge an alliance aimed at eliminating Big Mom, but their plan fails; Jinbe then, after declaring his entry into Luffy’s crew, helps his new companions to escape from the empress, staying behind along with the pirates of the Sun to cover their escape. After reaching Luffy and the others in Wano, he and them attack Kaido‘s base, defeating Who’s Who here. Jinbe “Knight of the Sea” Statue measures: 3.75 inches / 9.5 cm x 3.5 inches / 9 cm x 7.1 inches / 18 cm.

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