Rise Kujikawa (Arabian Armor Version) Statue, Video Games & Persona Statues, Rise Kujikawa “Persona 4: Dancing All Night” Statue

Rise Kujikawa (Arabian Armor Version) Statue, Video Games & Persona Statues, Rise Kujikawa "Persona 4: Dancing All Night" Statue

Rise Kujikawa “Persona 4: Dancing All Night” Statue

The Persona series is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, and from the popular rhythm game in the series Persona 4: Dancing All Night comes this Rise Kujikawa (Arabian Armor Version) Statue, known to her fans as Risette, dressed up in her Arabian Armor outfit! The intricate accessories that adorn her clothes have all been carefully sculpted giving Risette an elegant appearance even while wearing a rather revealing outfit. Rise Kujikawa is one of the main characters from Persona 4. She is a popular idol who returns to Inaba for a brief hiatus. She is a first-year student at Yasogami High School. She quits her job, citing health reasons, and moves to Inaba during the course of the game. After you rescue her, she will obtain the Persona Himiko and join your cause. Rather than fighting alongside you, however, she will aid you by providing you with the location of future victims. Rise Kujikawa is a cheerful girl and one of the most popular idols in Japan known as “Risette“. Supposedly, she had even performed in Iwatodai (the setting of Persona 3) 2 years in the past, though a blackout implied to be caused by the Arcana Hermit boss ruined that particular concert. However, she quits her job and moves to Inaba to live with her grandmother, tired of the spotlight. Shortly after arriving to Inaba, Rise is kidnapped and taken to the TV world, where her other self is manifested.

Rise’s Shadow represents her anger at being stereotyped as an airheaded popstar, represented as a sex symbol. When the protagonist and his friends come to rescue her, Rise accepts her Shadow as part of herself, stating she does not have a real self. Immediately after, she gains the Persona Himiko, a black humanoid in a white dress with a satellite dish in place of a head, which she uses to help the Investigation Team to stop Teddie’s Shadow. In an interview, Atlus’s Masaru Nanba noted that “Risechie” would not translate well into roman letters for the west, and that the French-sounding “Risette” was chosen instead. This also changed her catchphrase from “Rise-Cheese” to “Push Risette” (as in “push the reset button“). Recovering from her experience in the TV world, Rise joins the Investigation Team to track the culprit behind the murders in the town, taking Teddie’s spot in fights, analyzing enemies and advising her comrades. During Yu’s interactions with Rise, she is initially happy for leaving behind the title Risette. However, numerous reminders of her time in the spotlight, a new replacement idol and a letter from her biggest fan, make her regret her departure. Depending on the player’s actions, Rise may end having an intimate relationship with Yu. Realizing that Risette is also part of her true identity, she voices her plans to return to her idol job by spring.

Following this, Himiko evolves into Kanzeon, a white humanoid with a more complex satellite dish than Himiko. In Persona 4 Golden, Rise’s Persona can evolve once more into Kouzeon, gaining a head resembling a telescope instead of a satellite, 2 more pairs of arms, and green skin. In Golden, Rise also takes more of an active part in battle, enabling her to directly support the party by giving powerful buffs or picking up fallen fighters. Rise is the player’s Social Link to The Lovers, in the animated series, her friendship with Yu is symbolized by his Persona Leanan Sidhe. She is also shown to have a not-so-subtle crush on the protagonist, who she simply refers to as Senpai throughout the game, and flirts with him consistently, regardless of social standing. She appears in Persona 4 Arena as a commentator, with an impostor teasing the main characters across the story. She becomes a playable character in the console version of Persona 4 Arena Ultimax using a microphone as her weapon, and during these events, her support Persona, Himiko, was transformed for combat during her confrontation with Elizabeth as a result of Rise’s resolve to be able to fight on her own. Rise Kujikawa “Persona 4: Dancing All Night” Statue measures: 6 inches / 15 cm x 4 inches / 10 cm x 9 inches / 23 cm.

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