Deadpool Statue, Movies & Marvel Universe Statues, Marvel Universe Deadpool “Wade Winston Wilson” Statue

Deadpool Statue, Movies & Marvel Universe Statues, Marvel Universe Deadpool "Wade Winston Wilson" Statue

Marvel Universe Deadpool “Wade Winston Wilson” Statue

Deadpool Statue in a Diamond Select Toys version. He’s the best there is at what he does, which is why he gets paid the big bucks to do it! The immortal merc joins the Marvel Universe premier collection statues, depicting the whacked-out warrior toting a pair of katana swords and pointing a deadly finger-gun. Hand-sculpted by Jean St. Jean. Deadpool, whose real name is Wade Winston Wilson, is a fictional comic book character created by Fabian Nicieza (text) and Rob Liefeld (art), published by Marvel Comics and debuted in the New Mutants comic series (vol. 1) n. 98 (February 1991). Due to his unstoppable gab he is nicknamed “The Merc with a Mouth“. The IGN website has placed the character at the 31st position in the ranking of the hundred greatest heroes in the history of comics. He is a hero-anti-hero known for his humor, made up of double meanings and references to popular films, television series, songs and images. Couch addict enough to describe his right hand as “My Cinemax Hand“, particularly appreciates sitcoms, his idol is Bea Arthur from the Ageless Hearts series, he believes the Olsen twins are at the center of a worldwide conspiracy and, according to Siryn she “cried when Manimal was suspended”.

His first name closely follows that of the DC Comics character Deathstroke, who goes by the name of Slade Wilson, another noteworthy similarity between the 2 is that both are both mercenaries and swordmasters, and wear tight-fitting assassin garments with bandoliers, belts, and a mask that completely covers their faces. Originally, it was this very similar graphic characterization that caused Rob Liefeld to cry out for plagiarism. The subsequent development of the character by authors such as Joe Kelly and Gail Simone, and later Nicieza himself, meant that the characters of the 2 mercenaries diverged radically. Deadpool often breaks the 4th wall, which is the boundary between reality and comics, he knows he’s in a comic, like when Bullseye asks him when they last met and is told “Number 16, Bullseye”, or when Spider-Man takes off his mask, and Wade yells “How if we hadn’t seen the films and we didn’t know that under the mask is the handsome Tobey Maguire with dreamy eyes!”.

The main feature of Deadpool is its powerful regenerating factor, the most powerful in the Marvel Universe, linked to Wade’s end-stage cancer, which saves his life but also supernaturally regenerates the tumor mass and, consequently, devastates again more body and mind; the vital, motor and psychic functions of the character are constantly kept active and accelerated by the continuous process of degeneration and regeneration of the cells of his tumor. Wade can completely and in moments regenerate entire damaged organs and repair broken bones as well as regrow entire lost extremities. Any attempt to kill him is in vain. Thanks to its regenerative factor Deadpool also has superhuman strength, endurance, speed and agility. Since his mental processes are also incredibly accelerated, the character has a superhuman clarity and speed of thought, from which also derive equally accelerated reflexes, moreover thanks to his factor, Deadpool, like Wolverine, can live longer and has slowed aging considerably.

He has an exceptional photographic memory that allows him to remember anything, including the movements of his opponents, thus being able to anticipate them and replicate their skills and techniques, he is also immune to telepathy and all kinds of poisons, drugs, infections and diseases, he is also well versed in all the different martial arts, in hand-to-hand combat and in the use of sidearms, firearms and explosives, as well as being a polyglot, he was also immortalized by Thanos for many years. Deadpool usually makes use of 2 katanas (made of Adamantium), a pair of pistols and different types of grenades as well as a special device placed in his belt thanks to which he can teleport wherever he wishes. On several occasions he has also brought with him a magic bag from which he can extract all the ammunition and weapons he wants. He is also a great master of parkour and the arts of pickpocketing, theft and espionage. His madness makes him extremely unpredictable.

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