Pegasus Statue, Greeks & Mythological Statues, Museum Replica of Pegasus Statue

Pegasus Statue, Greeks & Mythological Statues, Museum Replica of Pegasus Statue

Museum Replica of Pegasus Statue

This Pegasus Statue is an handmade Museum Statue Replica of Pegasus made in Greece, from 100% bronze using the traditional “lost wax” technique. This is the same technique used by the ancient Greeks to create bronze sculptures and arsenal. The prototype which it was made by is a museum exhibit. The green/gold color is given through the process of oxidization. Pegasus is a mythical, winged, divine stallion and one of the most recognized creatures in Greek Mythology. Greco-Roman poets wrote about the ascent of Pegasus to heaven after his birth, and his subsequent obeisance to Zeus, king of the gods, who instructed him to bring lightning and thunder from Olympus. A friend of the Muses, Pegasus created Hippocrene, the fountain on Mt. Helicon. The Pegasus is a horse (in greek myth usually a stallion) which is generally considered to be pure white, and with a pair of white feathered wings on its back. The symbolism of Pegasus varies with time. Symbolic of wisdom and fame from the Middle Ages until the Renaissance, Pegasus became associated with poetry around the 19th century, as the fountainhead of sources from which the poets gained their inspiration.

Pegasus is the subject of a very rich iconography, especially throughout ancient Greek pottery and paintings and sculptures of the Renaissance. Hypotheses have been proposed regarding the relationship between Pegasus and the Muses, the Goddess Athena, Poseidon, Zeus, Apollo, and the hero Perseus. Pegasus was sired by Poseidon, in his roleas horse-god, and foaled by the Gorgon Medusa. He was the brother of Chrysaor, born at a single birthing when his mother was decapitated by Perseus. He was captured by the Greek hero Bellerophon near the fountain Peirene with the help of Athena and Poseidon. Pegasus allows the hero to ride him to defeat a monster, the Chimera, before realizing many other exploits. His rider, however, falls off his back trying toreach Mount Olympus. Zeus transformed him into the constellation Pegasus and placed him up in the sky. Personification of the Water, Solar Myth, or Shaman Mount, Carl Jung and his followers have seen in Pegasus a profound symbolic esotericin relation to the spiritual energy that allows to access to the realm of the Gods on Mount Olympus. Museum Replica of Pegasus Statue sizes: 4.35 inches / 11 cm x 3.95 inches / 10 cm x 1 inches / 2.5 cm.

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