Black and Gold Dragonzord Funko POP, Funko POPS & Power Rangers Funko POPS, Power Rangers’ Black and Gold Dragonzord

Black and Gold Dragonzord Funko POP, Funko POPS & Power Rangers Funko POPS, Power Rangers' Black and Gold Dragonzord

Black and Gold Dragonzord Funko POP

From Power Rangers Mighty Morphin, Black and Gold Dragonzord, as a stylized vinyl from Funko POP. The Dragonzord is the Zord linked to the Green Mighty Morphin Power Coin. Due to its unique construction and controls among the Dinozords, it was controlled at various points by Tommy Oliver the Mighty Morphin Green Ranger, Jason Lee Scott the Red Ranger, Tommy’s clone Tom Oliver, and several villains. Dragonzord featured a wide array of offensive weaponry. Its tail had a drill on the tip, which could swing around to attack opponents. It was better equipped to battle underwater than the Dino Megazord as it slept under Angel Grove Bay when not in use. Tommy would usually command the Dragonzord remotely from the sidelines with the Dragon Dagger, though on rare occasions he would pilot it directly from its cockpit. While Jason had possession of the Dragon Dagger, he would command it remotely while continuing to pilot Megazord from its own cockpit. Dragonzord was capable of combining with the other Dinozords in various configurations.

When joined with the Mastodon, Triceratops and Saber-Toothed Tiger, it formed Dragonzord Battle Mode (sometimes referred to as Dragonzord Fighting Mode, Mega Dragonzord Battle Mode, Dragon Megazord or, incorrectly, as Mega Dragonzord). Dragonzord could also combine with the Dino Megazord to form Mega Dragonzord. Finally, the Mega Dragonzord could join with Titanus to form Ultrazord, whose barrage of firepower was more than nearly all opponents could withstand. Dragonzord could shoot missiles from its fingertips. The Dragonzord Battle Mode appears to be somewhat more powerful than the Megazord, as it was shown capable of taking out monsters the Megazord could not handle. Despite being comprised of only four total Zords, it was most often piloted by the 5 primary Rangers, with the Green Ranger not joining in the cockpit.

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