Space Battleship Yamato Statues

Space Battleship Yamato Statues

Space Battleship Yamato Statues

Space Battleship Yamato is a Japanese science fiction franchise that began in 1974 as an anime television series and has expanded over more than four decades into two sequel series, a reboot series, multiple anime films, manga, online comics, a live action movie, and other media. At the center of all these stories is the Yamato, an advanced spacecraft that ventures into the unknown to defend the planet Earth. Space Battleship Yamato is also well known to English language audiences as Star Blazers. It revolves around the character Susumu Kodai (Derek Wildstar in the English version) and an international crew from Earth, tasked during an interstellar war to go into space aboard the space warship Yamato, derived from the World War II battleship of the same name, in response to a message of aid from the planet Iscandar in order to retrieve a device which is able to reverse the radiation infecting Earth after being bombed by the Gamilas (Gamilons). Space Battleship Yamato is one of the most influential anime series in Japan. Its turn toward serious themes and complex storylines influenced future works in the medium, including Gundam, Evangelion, and Macross, in addition to video games such as Space Invaders.

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Space Battleship Yamato Statues

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