Busts Statues

Busts Statues

Busts Statues

A Bust is a sculpted or cast representation of the upper part of the human figure, depicting a person’s head and neck, and a variable portion of the chest and shoulders. The piece is normally supported by a plinth. The bust is generally a portrait intended to record the appearance of an individual, but may sometimes represent a type. They may be of any medium used for sculpture, such as marble, bronze, plaster, wax or wood. As a format that allows the most distinctive characteristics of an individual to be depicted with much less work, and therefore expense, and occupying far less space than a full-length statue, the bust has been since ancient times a popular style of life-size portrait sculpture. It can also be executed in weaker materials, such as terracotta. A sculpture that only includes the head, perhaps with the neck, is more strictly called a “head“, but this distinction is not always observed. Display often involves an integral or separate display stand. The Adiyogi Shiva statue located in India representative of Hindu God Shiva is the world’s largest bust sculpture and is 112 ft / 34 meters tall. The oldest bust is of Caesar, dating from around 46 BC.

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Busts Statues

African Man Bust Statue

African Man Statue, African & Busts Statues, African Man Bust Statue

African Negresse Princess Bust Statue

African Negresse Princess Bust Statue, African & Busts Statues, African Queen Mother Bust Statue

African Woman Bust Statue

African Woman Statue, African & Busts Statues, African Woman Bust Statue

Ancient Egyptian Jackal God Anubis Bust Statue

God Anubis Bust Statue, Egyptian, Gods & Busts Statues, Ancient Egyptian Jackal God Anubis Bust Statue

Angelic Mary “Mother of Jesus” Bust Statue

Angelic Mary Bust Statue, Busts, Religious & Christianity Statues, Angelic Mary “Mother of Jesus” Bust Statue

Ceramic Face Bust Flower Statue

Flower Bust Vase Statue, Nature, Flowers, Busts & Vases Statues, Ceramic Face Flower Vase Statue

Goddess Athena Bust Statue

Goddess Athena Bust Statue, Greeks, Busts & Mythological Statues, Athena Greek Goddess of Wisdom Bust Statue

Greek God Zeus Bust Statue

Zeus Bust Statue, Greeks, Mythological, Gods & Busts Statues, Greek God Zeus Statue

Leonardo Da Vinci “Renaissance Man” Bust Statue

Leonardo Da Vinci Bust Statue, Busts Statues, Leonardo Da Vinci "Renaissance Man" Bust Statue

Lord Adiyogi Shiva Miniature Bust Statue

Lord Adiyogi Shiva Statue, Busts, Religious, Hinduism & Gods Statues, Lord Adiyogi Shiva Miniature Bust Statue

Portgas D. Ace Bust Statue

Portgas D. Ace Bust Statue, Anime, One Piece & Busts Statues, Portgas D. Ace Photo Frame Bust Statue

Roman Empire Zombie Centurion Bust Statue

Roman Empire Zombie Centurion Statue, Roman Empire, Busts & Zombies Statues, Roman Legion Undead Soldier Statue

Scorpion Bust Statue

Scorpion Bust Statue, Busts, Video Games & Mortal Kombat Statues, Mortal Kombat 11 Scorpion Legends Bust Statue

Steampunk Skeleton Band Uniform Bust Statue

Steampunk Skeleton Bust Statue, Skulls, Busts & Steampunk Statues, Steampunk Skeleton Marching Band Uniform Bust Statue

Thor Odinson Wielding Mjolnir Hammer Bust Statue

Thor Odinson God of Thunder Statue, Vikings & Busts Statues, Thor Odinson Wielding Mjolnir Hammer Bust Statue

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