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The Kindle format, what does it mean? Is it a device or a software thing? What is the Kindle? Or, what is the difference with an iPad or a tablet? Kindle is an ebook or electronic book reader, marketed by Amazon. Ebooks are nothing more than normal but digitized books, instead of being printed on paper they are files. But then is a PC also an ebook reader? No. And here the complications begin. An ebook reader is equipped with a technology called e-ink, or electronic ink or electronic paper, which is a technology designed to mimic the appearance of ink on a normal sheet. Unlike a normal screen, which uses a light behind the display to illuminate the pixels, e-paper reflects ambient light like a sheet of paper. So, in fact, what you read on an ebook reader is exactly like what you read in a book, it has the same “resolution” being ink and not pixels, there are no problems with blind angles (as happens on monitors, for example ) is not backlit (therefore it does not tire the eyes) and has an extraordinary peculiarity: it consumes the battery only when you “turn the page” thus allowing an amazing duration.

Even a month or 2 without seeing a hold. This is the main feature but another feature is the weight, or 170 grams (an iPad weighs about 600). To understand well with an example, the book “The fifth day” by Frank Schätzing has 1032 pages for a weight of 816 grams… Almost a kilo. King’s “The Dome” or Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings” are over 1100 pages and weigh on kilo in weight. Well, all 3 of them on a Kindle, and it’s still those 170 grams. So, imagine that you have a 170 gram weight thing in your hand, a little more than the pasta you make at Christmas, which contains up to 1400 books (0.5 kilos per book would be about 7 quintals of paper), which if untouched it remains charged forever and if used very intensively it is charged once a month. Also think that wherever you are you can read it easily, in any light condition, and consider that you can load manuals in pdf or everything that goes into your head, being able to take any type of reading with you in any type of situation. And for those who still have doubts, it is NOT backlit, it does not tire the eyes any more than paper and the letters are made of ink and not pixels.

Here is the difference with a tablet. Now, if you add to what I said the fact of being able to bookmark, of being able to select phrases to keep as a “memento” forever, if you consider the priceless usefulness of having a pre-installed dictionary which is able to tell you the meaning of each word in real time, if you consider that it is wireless and therefore is constantly “caughton your Amazon account, if you consider that it costs 99 euros / 112 dollars and the books are cheaper and can be purchased with a click, the question is: what are you waiting for? For someone who loves to read this is a trinket that changes many things. It also has some gaps, of course: you don’t smell the paper, which apparently you like it very much, you don’t hear the noise of the pages turning, you don’t have the perception of the paper under your fingers, but since reading is by its nature to read, or rather pass the eyes on a text and assimilate it, this thing catapults you into an experience identical to that of the book, with only the positive sides.

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