Art Kindle eBooks

Art Kindle eBooks

Art Kindle eBooks

Art is the meaning and creation, hidden behind a beauty and includes every human activity brought to forms of creativity and aesthetic expression, based on technical devices, innate or acquired skills and behavioral norms deriving from study and experience. Therefore art is a language, that is the ability to convey emotions and messages. However, there is not a single artistic language and not even a single unequivocal code of interpretation, even there is not even a term equivalent to “art” in most of the languages spoken. In its most sublime meaning, art is the aesthetic expression of the interiority and of the human soul. It reflects the opinions, feelings and thoughts of the artist in the social, moral, cultural, ethical and religious sphere of his historical period.

Some philosophers and semantics scholars, on the other hand, argue that there is an objective language that, regardless of eras and styles, should be codified in order to be understood by everyone, however efforts to prove this claim have been unsuccessful. Art can also be considered a profession of ancient tradition carried out in the observance of some canons codified over time. In this sense, the craft professions, that is, those that pertain to craftsmanship, often descend from the Middle Ages, when specialized activities developed and the traders of arts and crafts were brought together in guilds. Each art had its own tradition, the fundamental concepts of which were enclosed in the rule of art, which every artisan had to conform to.

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Art Kindle eBooks

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