Transformers Comics Kindle eBooks

Transformers Comics Kindle eBooks

Transformers Comics Kindle eBooks

There have been 3 main publishers of the comic book series bearing the name Transformers based on the toy lines of the same name. The first series was produced by Marvel Comics from 1984 to 1991, which ran for 80 issues and produced four spin-off miniseries. This was followed by a second volume titled Transformers: Generation 2, which ran for 12 issues starting in 1993. The second major series was produced by Dreamwave Productions from 2002 to 2004 with multiple limited series as well, and within multiple story continuities, until the company became bankrupt in 2005. The 3rd series is currently being produced by IDW Publishing starting with an issue #0 in October 2005 and a regular series starting in January 2006. There are also several limited series being produced by IDW as well. In addition to these 3 main publishers, there have also been several other smaller publishers with varying degrees of success.

Transformers Comics Kindle eBooks on Amazon.

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Transformers Comics Kindle eBooks

Transformers: The IDW Collection

Transformers: The IDW Collection

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