LEGO Education – For CHILDRENS

LEGO Education - For CHILDRENS

LEGO Education – For CHILDRENS

LEGO Education combines the unique excitement of LEGO bricks with hands-on classroom solutions for science, technology, engineering, math, literacy and more. The LEGO Group has earned a reputation for offering an incredibly fun toy and for helping teach critical educational concepts to CHILDRENS.

Man is a singular creature; he has a number of gifts that make him unique among animals so, unlike them, he is not a figure in the landscape, he is the modeler of the landscape.

LEGO® Education offers hands-on and playful STEAM learning experiences based on the LEGO® System of bricks, hardware, software and content for students and their teachers in early education, primary and secondary education, as well as through after-school programs and competitions. These solutions create an environment for active and collaborative learning where childrens build skills for their future, a lifelong love of learning, and confidence in their ability to learn and solve problems, setting them for success throughout their life.

LEGO Education – Lessons Types

Creative Exploration

LEGO Education - Creative Exploration


LEGO Education - Creator

Elementary Concepts of Mathematics and Science

LEGO Education - Elementary Concepts of Mathematics and Science

Emotional Social Development

LEGO Education - Emotional Social Development


LEGO Education - Engineering


LEGO Education - Informatics


LEGO Education - Programming


LEGO Education - Robotics

Science & Nature

LEGO Education - Science


LEGO Education - STEM


LEGO Education - Technology

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