LEGO Education – Creative Exploration

LEGO Education - Creative Exploration

LEGO Education – Creative Exploration

Exploration is that act, the activity of exploring a land, a mine, history, the seabed, cosmic space using artificial satellites, guided or manned missiles, the continuous search for answers.

Character – Caterpillar

LEGO Education – Character - Caterpillar

Creating Track Cycles

LEGO Education – Creating Track Cycles

First Train Journey

LEGO Education – First Train Journey

Mathematics – Distances

LEGO Education - Mathematics - Distances

Music – Animal Concert

LEGO Education - Music - Animal Concert

Train Sounds

LEGO Education – Train Sounds

Travel – Trouble on the Road

LEGO Education - Travel - Trouble on the Road

Y-shaped track – Conditional Instructions

LEGO Education – Y-shaped track - Conditional Instructions

See all LEGO Education – Creative Exploration Lessons listed in category.

See all LEGO Education Lessons listed in category.


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