LEGO MOCS (Can Create Addiction)

LEGO MOCS (Can Create Addiction) - "Loose LEGO Pieces" on Amazon.

LEGO “MOCS” stands for “My Own CreationS”

LEGO MOCs are not official LEGO sets, but they are designed and made by LEGO fans. The standard LEGO set is released by LEGO itself, you can buy it in a box that includes instructions that explain step by step how to build the LEGO set. However, there are also LEGO sets available that were designed and made by the fans themselves. With LEGO we can really make or recreate anything. In the AFOLs “Adult LEGO Fan“, there is a vibrant culture for building MOCs. This ranges from imitating a complete road to rebuilding planes and helicopters, to complete Star War MOC sets, MOC sports car sets, LEGO MOCs based on famous buildings to anything your mind can come up with. LEGO buildings, but on another level!

LEGO MOC - Lancia Delta Integrale (Davide ZEN)

How do you build a LEGO MOC set?

You can design a LEGO MOC yourself. Let’s assume that you are not a designer but still want to create an existing MOC set. The building parts of a LEGO MOC set are not packed in a nice box like normal official sets. To build a MOC set you will need to order all parts individually. LEGO MOC sets showcase the great power of LEGO. On the one hand you have the bricks to re-create all types of constructions, on the other hand you can use your creativity to design and build something new. Finally a word of warning, creating LEGO MOCs can be addictive!

Loose LEGO Pieces on Amazon.

Loose LEGO Pieces on eBay.


LEGO MOC Imperial Base on Daro

LEGO MOC Imperial Base on Daro - Star Wars: The Bad Batch LEGO MOC

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