Skulls Statues

Skulls Statues

Skulls Statues

The skull is a bone structure that forms the head in vertebrates. It supports the structures of the face and provides a protective cavity for the brain. The skull is composed of two parts: the cranium and the mandible. In humans, these two parts are the neurocranium and the viscerocranium (facial skeleton) that includes the mandible as its largest bone. The skull forms the anterior-most portion of the skeleton and is a product of cephalisation, housing the brain, and several sensory structures such as the eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. In humans these sensory structures are part of the facial skeleton. Functions of the skull include protection of the brain, fixing the distance between the eyes to allow stereoscopic vision, and fixing the position of the ears to enable sound localisation of the direction and distance of sounds. In some animals, such as horned ungulates (mammals with hooves), the skull also has a defensive function by providing the mount (on the frontal bone) for the horns. The English word skull is probably derived from Old Norse skulle, while the Latin word cranium comes from the Greek root kranion. The skull is made up of a number of fused flat bones, and contains many foramina, fossae, processes, and several cavities or sinuses. In zoology there are openings in the skull called fenestrae.

Instead the Skull art is found in various cultures of the world. Indigenous Mexican art celebrates the skeleton and uses it as a regular motif. The use of skulls and skeletons in art originated before the Conquest: The Aztecs excelled in stone sculptures and created striking carvings of their Gods. Coatlicue, the Goddess of earth and death, was portrayed with a necklace of human hearts, hands and a skull pendant. She was imbued with the drama and grandeur necessary to dazzle the subject people and to convey the image of an implacable state. The worship of death involved worship of life, while the skull, symbol of death, was a promise to resurrection. The Aztecs carved skulls in monoliths of lava, and made masks of obsidian and jade. Furthermore, the skull motif was used in decoration. They were molded on pots, traced on scrolls, woven into garments, and formalized into hieroglyphs. Hindu temples and depiction of some Hindu deities have displayed skull art.

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Skulls Statues

Bird Mouth Skull Statue

Bird Mouth Skull Statue, Animals, Birds & Skulls Statues, Amethyst Crystal Bird Mouth Skull Statue

Black Obsidian Alien Skull “Labradorite Eyes” Statue

Black Obsidian Alien Skull Statue, Skulls & Aliens Statues, Black Obsidian Alien Crystal Skull with Labradorite Eyes Statue

Game of Thrones Elder Dragon Head Skull Statue

Dragon Head Skull Statue, Dragons, Skulls, Movies & Game of Thrones Statues, Game of Thrones Elder Dragon Head Skull Statue

Ghost Dragon Statue

Ghost Dragon Statue, Ghosts, Skulls & Dragons Statues, Realistic Ghost Dragon Statue

Gothic Evil Grim Reaper on Bone Throne with Scythe Statue

Gothic Evil Grim Reaper Statue, Gothic, Skulls, Medieval & Mythological Statues, Evil Grim Reaper on Bone Throne with Scythe and Skulls Statue

Mechanical Steampunk Werewolf Statue

Steampunk Werewolf Statue, Werewolves, Skulls & Steampunk Statues, Futuristic Mechanical Steampunk Werewolf Statue

Native American Head Skull with War Bonnet Statue

Native American Head Skull Statue, Skulls & Native Americans Statues, Crystal Native American Head Skull with War Bonnet Statue

Old Treasure Map On Skull Statue

Old Treasure Map On Skull Statue, Pirates & Skulls Statues, Craniumography – Old Treasure Map On Skull Statue

Orange Floral Human Skull Statue

Orange Floral Skull Statue, Nature, Flowers, Skulls & Symbolic Statues, Life Size Orange Floral Human Skull Head Statue

Pirate Davy Jones Skeleton Container Statue

Davy Jones Chest Statue, Pirates & Skulls Statues, Pirate Davy Jones Skeleton Container Statue

Rainbow Crystal Skull Statue

Rainbow Skull Statue, Skulls Statues, Rainbow Aura Crystal Skull Statue

Skull Eye of Heaven Third Eye Reiki Healing Crystal Statue

Skull Eye of Heaven Statue, Skulls & Symbolic Statues, Third Eye Reiki Healing Crystal Statue

Steampunk Skeleton Band Uniform Bust Statue

Steampunk Skeleton Bust Statue, Skulls, Busts & Steampunk Statues, Steampunk Skeleton Marching Band Uniform Bust Statue

Tyrannosaurus Rex Skull Statue

Tyrannosaurus Rex Skull Statue, Dinosaurs, Skulls & Fossils Statues, Tyrannosaurus Rex’s Smithsonian Fossil Skull Replica Statue

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